Tripletas Sandwich from Borinquen Lunch Box

Friday is a New Sandwich Food Truck Fun Day at Truckeroo

Crabwich @ Feelin Crabby Truck Do you feel crabby? You just might with one of the best crab sandwiches in town. Its a giant crab cake seasoned to perfection with excellent dipping sauce on top of soft lightly flavored buns. Pretty simple, with not too much go...
Maine Lobster Roll from Red Hook Lobster Truck

Friday Food Truck Fun Day at Truckeroo

Tacos @ TaKorean Truck Taco time!!! It better be taco time after an hour of standing in line to order. You get to choose between three different proteans and knowing us, we just went with all three Steak Taco, Tangy Chicken and Caramelized Tofu. They are know...