Sticky Balls Sushi from Sticky Rice

Sticky Balls Sushi @ Sticky Rice

Sushi with some balls! yes, I said it! and you heard it. Deep fried sushi rolls with a nice runchy outside and sort rice on the inside. All covered in a nomnom sauce. Great hip sushi place to satisfy your hungry nomster craving. www.stickyricedc.com ...
Crab Rangoon from Mings

Crab Rangoon @ Mings

Rangoon dynasty is in power. Just got to try some Chinese food in DC's Chinatown. First look and they look impressive. Six very large crunchy rangoons. They are pretty hard, you might need extra bite to get through. When you do, you get the super creemy and cr...
Wasabi Mayonnaise from Trader Joe's

Wasabi Mayonnaise @ Trader Joe’s

Wassaub! I didn't know there is such a thing as Wasabi Mayonnaise. Trader Joe's always had some fascinating foodie things. This was great on burgers and hot dogs. Adds a sweet mayo with a kick. So much punch. Might have to make sure always to have this at any ...
Seaweed Salad from Maki Maki

Seaweed Salad @ Maki Maki

Kat has my salad. Aww look at this cute bowl. Comes with a nice and light seaweed salad. Just love it. What a great way to snack before foodie adventure in one of our favorite sushi places in Bethesda. www.makimakisushi.com ...