Crispy Black Mushrooms from Yuan Fu Vegetarian

Crispy Black Mushrooms $8 @ Yuan Fu Vegetarian in Rockville

Perfect appetizer for all meat lovers out there is a Crispy Black Mushrooms from Yuan Fu Vegetarian, one of the best meatless Chinese places in Rockville, DC's lively suburb. Ones you go mushroom, you can't go back. Get ready for your taste buds to explode wit...
Gyoza Dumplings from Daikaya

Gyoza Dumplings $6 @ Daikaya in Chinatown, DC

Pair your ramen with some Gyoza Dumplings from Daikaya, a new Japanese ramen place in Chinatown DC. Dumplings make for a great starter dish. 5 lightly pan fried dumplings, soft crunch on the outside with pork and cabbage filling on the inside. You get a lot fo...
Shoyu Ramen from Daikaya

Shoyu Ramen $12 @ Daikaya

Defeat the polar vortex with power of ramen. Nothing can beat a nice big bowl of hot noodle soup on these cold days. Love the beautiful presentation and all the colors. What sets this apart from other places is their careful attention to the art of ramen. Soup...
Bulgogi from Honey Pig

Bulgogi @ Honey Pig

Ones you go bulgogi you can't go back. If you go to a Korean BBQ you can't pass by ordering some nomnom marinated beef. Like all the other meaty orders, this comes with dipping sauce, banchan (standard korean sides) and lettuce. Adding some grilled rice, kimch...
Sliced Pork Belly from Honey Pig

Sliced Pork Belly @ Honey Pig

I think I'm in meat lover heaven. Get ready to eat anything and everything meat you can think of grilled right in front of you. We started with a nice order of sliced pork belly. It started to smell so good as it was prepared right there. Pork was so soft and ...
P1 Pho Dac Biet from Pho Eatery

Pho Dac Biet $8 @ Pho Eatery

Its getting a bit cold out, time to pho'arm up. All the meat and veggie things were pretty standard what you see in most pho places. What really makes the pho is a broth. Like every human has different finger print, every pho has their own flavor. This beef br...
Flying Dragon Roll Sushi Jin

Flying Dragon $16 @ Sushi Jin

My hunger is mightier then a dragon. Time for some sushi roll fun. Its so pretty! We always make sure to get dragon roll from sushi places because of presentation. Isn't it beautiful? One of the most dragon rolls to date. California roll with one of the most n...
Lobster Lasagna Roll from Sushi Jin Next Door

Lobster Lasagna $13 @ Sushi Jin

Its a whaa roll? Yeap, you read it right, its a lasagna roll. Kind of strange looking little pile of sushisness. No wonder its a pile, they packed a lot inside like grilled lobster, craw fish, avocado, cumber, scallion, masago and special sauce. It doesn't rea...
Pumpkin Soup from Sushi Jin

Pumpkin Soup $5 @ Sushi Jin in Down Town Silver Spring

Join the fall season pumpkin craze with Pumpkin Soup from Sushi Kin, a great Japanese sushi restaurant in Down Town Silver Spring, DC's city suburb. Too pretty to eat. Ever thought of soup with fall flavor? Mhhh pumpkiny ginger flavor with a little kick. It go...
Calamari from Amorita Resort Bohol Philippies

Calamari @ Amorita Resort in Bohol Philippines

Its all about the crispy squid when it comes to a Calamari appetizer from Amorita Resort, a restaurant on the beach in Bohol Philippines. They sure know how to prepare their seafood in Bohol, Philippines. This is a great way to start your noming adventure. Ver...
Buko Coconut Shake from Amorita Resort Bohol Philippines

Buko Coconut Shake $4 @ Amorita Resort in Bohol Philippines

Ah, one of our favorite things about Filipino food is the drink, especially the Buko Coconut Shake from Amorita Resort in Bohol, Philippines. Enjoy nectar of the gods! Getting some refreshing drinks after a day at the beach in Bohol, Philippines. This was my m...
Chocolate & Honey Ice Cream from Bohol Bee Farm Bohol Philippines

Chocolate & Honey Ice Cream @ Bohol Bee Farm in Bohol Philippines

You haven't had ice cream until you had Chocolate & Honey Ice Cream made from bee honey from Bohol Bee Farm in Bohol Island Philippines. Ah, sugar, ah, honey, honey. With every lick, your mouth will feel the fantastic chocolate and honey flavor mix joy. I know...