Churro from Frita Batidos

Churro $8 @ Frita Batidos

Get ready for sugar high! Its coated in multiple layer of sugar, so much that its sugary crispy churrorized heaven! Great way to end your lunch, or start, or dip into some milkshake! www.fritabatidos.com ...
Chorizo Frita from Frita Batidos

Chorizo Frita $8 @ Frita Batidos

Most amazing thing ever created! One of my most favorite things I've ever tasted, there is nothing like this in DC. That says a lot, I eat a whole lot of things. Came highly recommended as a must try place in Ann Arbor Michigan. They were right! Holy foodie ho...
Garlic Cilantro Fries $6 @ Frita Batidos in Ann Arbor Michigan

Garlic Cilantro Fries $6 @ Frita Batidos in Ann Arbor Michigan

Complete your perfect lunch with Cuban style Garlic Cilantro Fries from Frita Batidos, one of the unique travel destinations in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Not the dull everyday side you used to eat. These are perfectly crafted french fries with just the right amount...
Twice Fried Ripe Plantains from Frita Batidos

Twice Fried Ripe Plantains $6 @ Frita Batidos

One time fried is not enough. I like the way they think here, cooking something. I love fried plantains but never had this like this before. Just got to dip them entirely into the very nomnom sauce. The flavor is so good then combined with the dipping sauce. Y...