Jagerschnitzel Mit Eier from Biergarten Haus

Meat Orgy in Da Haus, German Breakfast @ Biergarten Haus

The meat orgy in da haus, JA! Now that's the only way to describe this amazing dish, German Breakfast or as their menu says Jagerschnitzel Mit Eier from Biergarten Haus on H Street. After all, why only eat one type of meat, when you can have three. Add three e...
Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte Cake from Biergarten Haus

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte @ Biergarten Haus

Dessert blitzkrieg! Good way to end your German foodie adventure. Multi layers of nomnom sweetness with whipped cream, kirschwasser soaked Cherries, and shaved chocolate. Love the chocolate goodness flakes all around. I wasn't a big fan of the cherries part, b...
Laugenbrezel from Biergarten Haus

Laugenbrezel $5 @ Biergarten Haus

Ones you go bavarian, you can't go back. Oh yea lets start our great german brunch with bavarian pretzel rolls. Adorable little soft things. Don't forget to dip them into very spicy mustard. I love that feeling of spiciness going into my nose. Might be an addi...
Wesphalian Ham & Cheese Omelet from Biergarten Haus

Wesphalian Ham & Cheese Omelet @ Biergarten Haus

Germans are just so fluffy. Holy eggs its a 6 egg omelet. One of the most fluffy soft omelets I've ever tried with super delicious ham and cheese. Comes with nice order of fries that you got to dip into curry ketchup. Served with nomnom red cabbage. that goes ...