Baklava from Big Greek Cafe at Taste of Fenton

Its like kissing a greek god, Baklava Dessert @ Big Greek Cafe

It's like kissing a Greek god when you are eating Baklava a dessert from Big Greek cafe, our favorite gyro place in Down Town Silver Spring. Who said you can’t eat dessert first? Especially when it's a honey nut goodness like this. This would make any fan of o...
Taste the World at Fenton Village

Tasting the World in One day at Taste of Fenton Village

Take a trip around the world of nomnoms in one day with Taste of Fenton Village event in Silver Spring, one of our favorite suburbs of DC. Very fun annual food crawl at some of the best local family owned restaurants. It was great to enjoy so many dishes from ...
Pork Belly & Eggs @ Cava Mezza in Capitol Hill, Washington DC

Pork Belly & Eggs @ Cava Mezza in Capitol Hill, Washington DC

Fill your belly with some tasty unlimited brunch with Pork Belly & Eggs from Cava Mezze a modern take on Greek American food in Capitol Hill, DC suburb. We are very excited to finally make it for an unlimited brunch to one of the famous places in the area. The...
Gyro Plater from Original Ambrosian

Gyro Platter $11 @ Original Ambrosia in Rockville (CLOSED)

Might take some jaw unhinging or complex mouth joggling to fit it all in. The essential part about gyro is the meat, and this pace does not disappoint. Meat is nice and thick, yet very soft. Go with a platter so you can get more of your noming with two sides. ...
Gyro from Big Greek Cafe

Gyro & Greek Fries @ Big Greek Cafe in Down Town Silver Spring

Go big for your lunch with Gyro Wednesday particular $5 Gyro from Big Greek Cafe in Down Town Silver Spring, DC's city like a suburb. Welcome to our favorite classic cafe in the area. They serve some of the best Gyros and what can be better than ordering them ...
Kotopita Greek Chicken Pie from Plato's Diner

Kotopita Greek Chicken Pie $8 @ Plato’s Diner

Its pie in burrito form! Super crunchy dough on the outside and creamy chicken on the inside. I love how creamy gooey it was on the inside, reminded me of tuna salad, but with chicken. Halfway, I started to question my ability to finish it, but it was so good ...
Gyro Pita from Greek Place

Gyro Pita $7 @ Greek Place

Is it geeeero or gyro. This is one big gyro! Always great when even my super jaw has hard time getting the whole thing in. Gyro flavor was a bit underwhelming, tasted a bit dry. I was expecting more and in comparison I still like Big Greek Cafe gyros more. Fre...
Chicken Bowl from Cava Mezze Grill

Chicken Bowl @ Cava Grill in Bethesda Maryland

Get your greek in a bowl. Explore a new take on greek food with a giant bowl of nomnom. Choose one of the nomnom meats and all the toppings. I like being the master of my dish. I add almost everything they have. My sauces of choice were Eggplant & Red Pepper, ...
Big Greek Bifteki Pita from Big Greek Cafe

Big Greek Bifteki Pita $7 @ Big Greek Cafe

We are going big with Greek. Its Greek goodness! Bifteki has an interesting mix patty of beef and lamb. As most of their dishes, they really pack a lot of nomnoms into it. I liked Bifteki Pita, but I think their gyros are much better. I also ordered Big Greek ...