Steak Stack Sandwich from Zoe's Kitchen Rockville Maryland

Steak Stack Sandwich @ Zoe’s Kitchen

Don't stack them up. Every bite is a taste bud joy with soft tender steak with portobello and cheesy goodness of mozzarella. On a very light toasted sourdough. It comes with your choice of a side and I went the healthy rout and added greek salad. Didn't expect...
Tuna Pita from Zoes Kitchen

Tuna Pita $8 @ Zoes Kitchen

I knew I had to order this because Tuna Pita sounds just weird and it was pretty good. Tuna did not overpower other flavors and was not too heavy. All thanks to no mayo part. I think its a great healthy alternative to all the heavy tuna sandwiches. Good order,...
Spinach Roll from Zoes Kitchen

Spinach Roll $8 @ Zoes Kitchen

Roll up. Excellent dish! I love how soft and gooey this is. It's a bit too small for one, but perfect to share with a friend with some more food. Comes with with mozzarella, feta, scallions, fresh mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, salsa, tortillas and potato sala...
Chicken Kabobs from Zoes Kitchen

Chicken Kabobs $9 @ Zoes Kitchen

Kobolishies! Very well seasoned, soft and fresh. Country to low yelp reviews for this dish, I thought was very good. So much food! So much food, just can't finish the whole thing. Comes with side greek salad, onions, rice pilaf, and tomato. www.zoeskitchen....
Zoes Club Pita from Zoes Kitchen

Zoes Club Pita $8 @ Zoes Kitchen

let's join a club. It's so pitalicies! Very large cold sandwich, no sorry pita. I love spicy mustard addition. Comes with grilled chicken, ham, lettuce, tomato, spicy mustard and swiss cheese. Question, how can this be club without any bacon? Should I remove a...
Fried Eggplant Sandwich $10 @ Urbana Dupont Circle

Fried Eggplant Sandwich $10 @ Urbana Dupont Circle

Upgrade your lunch to the next level with Fried Eggplant Sandwich from a unique fusion restaurant Urbana in Dupont Circle, DC's rainbow neighborhood. I would deep fry the world if it tasted like this eggplant. Who knew an eggplant could taste this good and shi...
Turkish Pizza from Mediterranean Grill

Turkish Pizza @ Mediterranean Grill

Tiny pizza appetizers. That is the most un-pizza looking pizza. Look more like open rolls. Nice little tomato sauce flavor on the inside. Served with a yummy tzatziki cucumber yogurt dip. I can dip anything into it. www.medgrillusa.com ...
Swordfish Kabob from Mediterranean Grill

Swordfish Kabob @ Mediterranean Grill

My food has a sword. Kind of with it was a bit sharper. It was a bit bland and left my tommy wishing for more. Even french fries tasted like nothing was there. www.medgrillusa.com ...
Chicken Kabob from Mediterranean Grill

Chicken Kabob @ Mediterranean Grill

Kabobs goodness. Grilled chicken and grilled veggies on a stick. iOn a stick is always better. Tasted a bit bland and as if something was missing. This dish comes with great seasoned roasted potatoes. That was probably the best part of the meal. www.medgril...