Patatas de Churrería from La Tasca

Patatas Bravas $6 @ La Tasca

Give me some patatas! What a great way to start the nomnoms with fried potatoes and spicy tomato sauce with garlic aioli. www.latascausa.com ...
Solomillo De Cerdo Lberico from La Tasca

Solomillo De Cerdo Lberico $8 @ La Tasca

I'll take more cheesy sauce. Not a bad dish, but I think cheese sauce was way better than pork wrapped in bacon. Not something I recommend. www.latascausa.com ...
Chorizo A La Parrilla from La Tasca

Chorizo a la Parrilla @ La Tasca

Its sausage fest. My friends loved this, but I didn't really like it as much. It kind of tasted like store bought. For the price and level of the place I was expecting a bit more. www.latascausa.com ...
Paella Valenciana from La Tasca

Paella Valenciana $38 @ La Tasca

OMG AMAZING!!! WOW this was amazing dish!!! Every bite was a bite of heaven. I think I could have eaten the whole thing myself, but good thing it is made to share. Not a cheap dish, but made to feed 4 people. I...