P1 Pho Dac Biet from Pho Eatery

Pho Dac Biet $8 @ Pho Eatery

Its getting a bit cold out, time to pho'arm up. All the meat and veggie things were pretty standard what you see in most pho places. What really makes the pho is a broth. Like every human has different finger print, every pho has their own flavor. This beef br...
Bahn Tom Co Ngu Hanoi from Hanoi House

Bahn Tom Co Ngu Hanoi $9 @ Hanoi House on U Street in Washington DC

New place in town and we start it pancake style. Every Vietnamese nomnom adventure should include this Shrimp multi layer dish in some form. Hanoi-style shrimp cake and Japanese sweet potatoes. Love the crispy out of shell with so many goodies on the inside. I...
Pho Bo from Hanoi House

Pho Bo $9 @ Hanoi House on U Street in Washington DC

Pho-ing around. New pho place in town and we just had to check it out. Broth tasted a bit weak and needed more flavor. Nothing in comparison to Pho 75's broth. I wanted to try all their meats and order all the extras they had. I was expecting it would just be ...
Chuoi Chien Dot Ruou from Hanoi House

Chuoi Chien Dot Ruou $7 @ Hanoi House on U Street in Washington DC

OMG ITS ON FIRE!!! Holy bananas can you see? Its actually on fire! Love this fire goodness. Best presentation ever, served not just sizzling, but actually on fire. You got to blow it out. Love these bananas fritters flambe, caramel sauce with very nomnom vanil...
Imperial Fried Rice from Pho Hiep Hoa

Imperial Fried Rice $13 @ Pho-Hiep Hoa

all hail the emperor! Look at how awesome this looks! My new favorite dish at this place! Its a mix of super nomnom grilled chicken with spicy fried rice inside tortilla and topped with sunny side up egg. Anything with egg on top is super nomnom in my book. I ...
Pho from Pho Nom Nom

Pho @ Pho Nom Nom

NOM NOM! How can you not go to a place that has nom nom in it. We really enjoyed this Vietnamese soup P6 with good broth and meats. It was good, but still not as good as Pho75, it felt like it was missing something. There is space for improvement and I will be...
Crispy Roll from Pho Nom Nom

Pork Crispy Rolls $4 @ Pho Nom Nom

Lets roll. Its a crunchy outside with a pork goodness inside. You can never go wrong with ordering rolls for any nomnom. Make sure to dip them into the fish sauce. Adds a whole new flavor to the dish. www.phonomnom.net ...
Vietnamese Iced Coffee from Pho Nom Nom

Vietnamese Iced Coffee $3 @ Pho Nom Nom

Just love Vietnamese Iced Coffee, it has a completely unique flavor because of the condense milk. It was like drinking a coffee smoothie goodness. I will require several refills. www.phonomnom.net ...
Crispy Spring Rolls from Miss Saigon

Crispy Spring Rolls $5 @ Miss Saigon

These were some of the best spring rolls I've ever tried. Tasted great with the Nuoc Mam (fish sauce) and without it. www.ms-saigonus.com ...
Vietnamese Crepe from Lotus Cafe

Vietnamese Crepe $11 @ Lotus Cafe

Wha the crepe? Wow it's more of meat sandwich or pirogue. I love this dish and how unusual it is. Pork and shrimp with bean sprout and fish sauce. www.lotuscafebar.com ...
To Nho Soup from Pho Real

To Nho Pho $7 @ Pho Real

PHO REALL! Yeap, this place is called Pho Real. Probably one of the most fun restaurant names to yell on the way there. Going with #4 pho soup that has almost everything they offer, nicely packed in one big bowl. Pretty solid pho, not the best in town, but ver...