Semifreddo Al Pistacchio Dessert $10 @ Lupo Verde on U Street

Semifreddo Al Pistacchio $10 @ Lupo Verde on U Street

Satisfy that sweet tooth of yours at brunch with Semifreddo Al Pistacchio an Italian sweet cake pudding from Lupo Verde on U Street. There is no better way to finish brunch like with a nice and light pistachio dessert. Its a sweet pistachio pudding covered wit...

Chocolate Cake $7 @ Susie Cakes San Carlos California

A thick piece of chocolate cake is the best diet, especially when its super-rich Chocolate Cake from Susie Cakes Shop in San Carlos, a suburb of San Francisco. There is nothing food about this monstrosity of chocolate cake. Look that all that thick icing. Its ...
Coconut Cake @ Susie Cakes San Carlos California

Coconut Cake @ Susie Cakes San Carlos California

You don't order two cakes and not eat both of them, like this not too sweet Coconut Cake from Susie Cakes in San Carlos, the suburbs of San Francisco. Buying just one cake from a cake shop is wrong. You really should get two or more, especially when the decisi...
Four Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake $10 @ Nepenthe Big Sur CA

Four Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake $10 @ Nepenthe Big Sur California

Four layers over the fudge cliff when it comes to a Four Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake from Nepenthe, a unique restaurant with a fantastic view of California Coast in Big Sur on Route 1. When we saw a thing from afar, we knew that we got to dig into it after all,...
Banana Chocolate Chip @ That Cheesecake Truck

Banana Chocolate Chip $5 @ That Cheesecake Food Truck

Cheesecake on a stick from one of the best nomnoms for lunch from DC food truck. Probably one of the perfect food truck desserts, especially for those who eat it on the go. They serve it in a cup and lid serves as your guard to keep your cute outfit clean. It'...
Upside Down Banana Pie from KitchenCray

Upside Down Banana Cake @ KitchenCray a Food Experience in DC

Do I eat it upside down? Holy sweetness one bite, and you will be all upside down deliciousness. It was just a banana flavor explosion with every bit, making my taste buds dance. The caramelized sugar added a nice extra sweetness kick. Hands down, or hands ups...
Nutella Cheesecake @ Sugo Osteria Rockville

Nutella Cheesecake @ Sugo Osteria in Rockville Maryland

It's a dessert that's just too thick to handle when you eat Nutella Cheesecake from Sugo Osteria in Rockville, DC's large town suburb! That thing was so rich and heavy that I think I just ate an entire jar of Nutella awesomeness. Topped with very thick whip cr...
Sansrival from Seattle's Best Philippines

Sansrival $3 @ Seattle’s Best in Manila Philippines

Tiny cake with a big taste when you are enjoying Filipino Sansrival dessert from Seattle's Best in Manila Philippines. I just had to try this highly recommended local delicacy in Manila, Philippines. Hard to resist dessert noming for only $3 (110 Pesos). Its a...
Chocolate Sin Cake from Ruth's Chris

Chocolate Sin Cake @ Ruth’s Chris Tyson

Best sin there is! This must be like the richest dessert I've ever tasted. It was chocolate layers of super goodness. It looked so small and I thought it won't be enough, oh it is more then enough. Two people can split this and be more then satisfied. You just...
Belgian Chocolate Rocky Road from Seasons 52

Belgian Chocolate Rocky Road $3 @ Seasons 52 Rockville

Little things with big taste. They have an amazing selection of little desert pops! So hard to pick out of so many choices. Oh wow this is the multi layer of super nomnoms. Little bit of joy, can't wait to try more of their deserts. www.seasons52.com ...
Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte Cake from Biergarten Haus

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte @ Biergarten Haus

Dessert blitzkrieg! Good way to end your German foodie adventure. Multi layers of nomnom sweetness with whipped cream, kirschwasser soaked Cherries, and shaved chocolate. Love the chocolate goodness flakes all around. I wasn't a big fan of the cherries part, b...
Classic Teramisu from Lia's

Classic Tiramisu $8 @ Lia’s

It was great to finish our lunch with a very soft and light desert like this. It was not layered like most other tiramisu I've had in the past. Instead whipped mixture is on the sides rather then layers. I thought it could have been a bit more sweet, but sorbe...