Chocolate Cake $7 @ Susie Cakes San Carlos California

A thick piece of chocolate cake is the best diet, especially when its super-rich Chocolate Cake from Susie Cakes Shop in San Carlos, a suburb of San Francisco. There is nothing food about this monstrosity of chocolate cake. Look that all that thick icing. Its ...
Rum Balls from Piratz Tavern

Rum Balls Dessert $4 @ Piratz Tavern (CLOSED)

Who doesn't like some sweet balls in their mouth, especially when they are dessert spiked with some rum in Silver Spring, DC foodie suburb. Oh, and there is a lot of rum, tasted like a whole shot is in there. Easy to get drunk and fat off these. We will never ...
Chocolates from Co Co Sala

Chocolates @ Co Co Sala

Little bits of choconoming. I think they were trying to kill us! We can barely move, think or even stay awake after amazing dinner and they go ahead and bring this out. We were just so outraged that we ate them up! its an assortment of different chocolates. Ea...
Amuse Dark Chocolat Dessert Sip @ Co Co Sala in Penn Quarter DC

Amuse Dark Chocolat Dessert Sip @ Co Co Sala in Penn Quarter DC (CLOSED)

Lets do some shots of dessert for dinner with Amuse Dark Chocolate Sip from masters of desserts in Co Co Sala restaurant in Penn Quarter, DC's night life neighborhood. We doing shots, chocolate shots! Now that's a way to start our noming in the world Co Co Sal...
Chocolate Monkey from Uno Chicago Grill

Chocolate Monkey @ Uno Chicago Grill

This monkey wants some choco. This is one very nomnom banana frozen yogurt drink. So chocolaty goodies! Great drink for your dinner. www.unos.com ...
Black Out Chocolate Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory

Black Out Chocolate Cheesecake @ Cheesecake Factory

Ones you go chocolate, you can't go back. That is one super thick piece of cheesecake. Dam, not sure if I should be scared or excited. So moist and soft, just a great chocolate cake. www.thecheesecakefactory.com ...