Big Papa Crepe from Crepeaway

Big Papa Crepe $8 @ Crepeaway

Holy Crepe that is massive! None of those little wimpy thing crepes you find in most places, no. Its MASSIVE! Could barely fit in my mouth and I have a skill for those things. Big Papa is not just massive, its also meaty with no meat group left out: Grilled Ch...
Obama Crepe from Crepeaway

Obama Crepe $7 @ Crepeaway

Its like I'm voting again! Holy Crepe that is one massing crepe! None of those little wimpy thing crepes you find in most places, no. Its MASSIVE! Can never go wrong ordering nomnoms with Nutella. Because Nutella is AWESOME!!!! Obama also has some healthy topp...
Fenton Brunch Special Crepe from Fenton Cafe

Fenton Brunch Special Crepe $8 @ Fenton Cafe

Only way to go is savory crepetastick. Oh yea now that's the way to start the day off with crepe goodness. I was super hungry and this just hits the spot! Nice thick and full of nomnom toppings like turkey, cheese, eggs, mushrooms, tomato and avocado. Excellen...
Nutella and Banana Crepe from Fenton Cafe

Nutella and Banana Crepe $5 @ Fenton Cafe

Today we eat NUTELLLA! You just got to start the day with desert crepes especially when nutella is involved. Nutella is amazing and everything and anything with it is super nomnom. Combine that with super light and flavorful crepes they make here you get great...
Banana Nutella Crepes from Café Zola

Banana Nutella Crepes $13 @ Café Zola

Honey I crepe you so much. Stopping by one of the most popular brunch places in Ann Arbor. its not all the hype, its all true! Great way to start the day is with a desert crepe. You can never go wrong with Nutella chocolate-hazelnut spread! Nutella is the bom...
Vietnamese Crepe from Lotus Cafe

Vietnamese Crepe $11 @ Lotus Cafe

Wha the crepe? Wow it's more of meat sandwich or pirogue. I love this dish and how unusual it is. Pork and shrimp with bean sprout and fish sauce. www.lotuscafebar.com ...