Strawberry Short Cake Froyo @ Frozenyo Silver Spring

Strawberry Short Cake Froyo @ Frozenyo Silver Spring (CLOSED)

Nothing short about this refreshing froyo on a hot day in Down Town Silver Spring, DC's suburbs. They are really into themed froyo with complementary toppings. This time it's all about making your own Strawberry Short Cake. Effortless creation with strawberry ...
Samoa Cookie FroYo from Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

Samoa Cookie FroYo @ Menchie’s

OMG Sometimes magic does happen in the form of a spoon with Samoa cookie at one of the froyo places in Rockville, DC suburb. As soon as we saw this online, we need we had to test it for ourself. It's two-part awesomeness, the Caramel Coconut Cookie Craze froyo...
Apple & Pumpkin Pie Froyo @ FROZENYO Silver Spring

Apple & Pumpkin Pie Froyo @ FROZENYO Silver Spring

Fall weather calls for apple and pumpkin pie in a froyo form from one of our favorite Frozenyo locations in Down Town Silver Spring, DC foodie suburb. Its pie within a pie, within a pie, perception! Apple and Punkin pie froyo flavors with real Apple and Pumpki...
Dulce de Leche & Cheescake Frozenyo

Dulce de Leche & Cheesecake @ Frozenyo Zoo

After a fun day at the zoo we stopped by for some nomnom cold. I always get two froyo flavors with lots of chocolate candy goodies on top. Combining these two flours I created the ultimate caramelized cheesecake! You can never go wrong with extra chocolaty thi...
Frozen Yogurt from Mr Yogato

Frozen Yogurt $5 @ Mr Yogato

Its all about the froyo. I do enjoy the craz of frozen yogurt we going through DC. Now this is a fun place to visit. You can play different weird trivia games to get discounts. Or let them stamp your forehead and get a discount. I was too lazy to think so went...
Cotton Candy Frozen Yogurt from Dumsers Ice Cream Ocean City

Cotton Candy Frozen Yogurt @ Dumsers Ice Cream

I want to live in candy world. Need some sweet refreshments while on vacation in Ocean City. Holy moly this was amazing!!! One of the best frozen yogurt flavor I've ever tasted. It really tasted like cotton candy. www.beach-net.com/dumsers ...
Coconut & Mango Froyo from Yogiberry

Coconut & Mango Froyo @ Yogiberry

time to go crazy with froyo. One flavor is not enough, double the flavor, double the crazy with coconut with mango. Plus, can never go wrong with Oreo Cookies and M&Ms as toppings. www.yogiberry.com ...
Honeydew Froyo from Iceberry

Honeydew Froyo @ Iceberry

OMG this is so super nomnom. Just love this flavor!!!! So sweet and refreshing. Mixes well with coconut and nuts. You should really stop by and try it I make sure to try this every time I'm in Reston Town Center. www.iceberryus.com ...