Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie $10 @ Killer ESP Alexandria

We Found Best Pecan Pie in Town @ Killer ESP in Old Town Alexandria

You've never had a pie until you've tried this Pecan Pie from Killer ESP a unique small coffee shop in Old Town Alexandria Virginia, DC suburb. We love holidays because of the tasty food like pecan pie we can enjoy for a limited time. Great find while enjoying...
Pecan Cup from Madhatter

Pecan Cup @ Madhatter

I been craving pecan pie for month, but sadly they are not in season yet (or so was I told, booo). So as soon as I saw this on the menu, I knew regardless how over stuffed my tummy felt, I'm getting me some PECAN PIE! Oh my this was excellent. My mouth was exp...
Chocolate Pecan Pie from Dangerous Delicious Pies

Chocolate Pecan Pie @ Dangerous Delicious Pies

Lets go on pie date. Went here on a date for some deserts are dinner. Oh my this is the ultimate Pecan Pie. Chocolate was not too much so you could really taste pecan and all the goodness of regular pecan pie. Beware, this is pretty heavy pie and might cause f...