Pecan Pie $6 @ Busboys and Poets in Takoma DC

Pecan Pie @ Busboys and Poets in Takoma DC

Celebrate the winter holidays this year with a nice slice of thick Pecan Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream from Busboys and Poets' new location in Takoma DC. We are not big fans of cold weather, but we are very big fans of pecan pie season. Its one of our most favori...
Apple Cake @ All Set for Restaurant Week in Silver Spring

Apple Cake @ All Set for Restaurant Week in Silver Spring

Tiny little cake of joy is an Apple Cake for Restaurant Week from All Set, seafood place in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s city suburb. Now, this is one very excellent dessert. So soft and tender its like they fused apple pie and with creamy layered cake. All t...
Apple Tart @ Intelligentsia Coffee Shop Los Angeles California

Apple Tart @ Intelligentsia Coffee Shop Los Angeles California

Get your morning on with breakfast, Apple Tart pastry from Intelligentsia Coffee shop in Lost Angeles suburbs. That was by far our most favorite breakfast pastry at this coffee shop. As soon as we saw this apple tart in the display, we knew that this is someth...
Pecan Pie $10 @ Killer ESP Alexandria

We Found Best Pecan Pie in Town @ Killer ESP in Old Town Alexandria

You've never had a pie until you've tried this Pecan Pie from Killer ESP a unique small coffee shop in Old Town Alexandria Virginia, DC suburb. We love holidays because of the tasty food like pecan pie we can enjoy for a limited time. Great find while enjoying...
Mango Pie from Jollibee Philippines

Mango Pie @ Jollibee in Manila Philippines

Get all mango excited for the Mango Pie from Jollibee, a famous Filipino fast-food chain in Manila Philippines. Awww tiny mango pie! Getting some local fast food here in Manila Philippines. Look how cute and adorable it is. It tasted pretty good. Pretty much w...
Banoffee Pie from Starbucks Philippines

Banoffee Pie $3 @ Starbucks in Manila Philippines

Creamy on the outside and bananas on the inside makes for a perfect Banoffee Pie from Starbucks in Manila Philippines. There is a whole banana inside this tiny little pie, and it was like eating creamy banana heaven. Heaven of PIEEEE! Tasted very fresh and lig...
Chocolate Pecan Pie from Dangerous Delicious Pies

Chocolate Pecan Pie @ Dangerous Delicious Pies

Lets go on pie date. Went here on a date for some deserts are dinner. Oh my this is the ultimate Pecan Pie. Chocolate was not too much so you could really taste pecan and all the goodness of regular pecan pie. Beware, this is pretty heavy pie and might cause f...
Pumpkin Pie Milkshake from BGR

Pumpkin Pie Milkshake @ BGR

No thanksgiving holiday can be without some pie. Even better in liquid form! I could celebrate every week with this pie. www.bgrtheburgerjoint.com ...
Key Lime Pie from Dangerously Delicious Pies

Key Lime Pie $7 @ Dangerously Delicious Pies

How dangerous are your pies? It was joy of super soft creamy pie. You know how I love creamy things! Wish it was cold and not room temperature. These pies are not cheap, that is a lot for just one slice, which is really more like two slices, but so worth it. ...
Mud Pie from Chadwick's

Mud Pie @ Chadwick’s

the pie of death! It kind of looks like mud pie. A giant piece of soft creamy goodness. This thing is so massive that you just can't finish it by yourself. Great to share with friends. www.chadsdc.com ...