Nutella Waffle @ Cava Mezze on Capitol Hill in DC

Join the Dark Side, We Have All You Can Eat Nutella Waffle @ Cava Mezze

Unlimited waffle means unlimited noms when you are enjoying Nutella Waffle during bottomless brunch at Cava Mezze one of our favorite places on Capitol Hill in DC. How do you end your fatness galore brunch? The only way possible, with a whole lot of sweetness....
Bacon Grilled Cheese Waffle from WickedWaffle

Bacon Grilled Cheese Waffle @ Wicked Waffle in Down Town DC

Get wicked with your lunch by eating a Bacon Grilled Cheese Waffle sandwich from Wicked Waffle a unique waffle place in Down Town Washington DC. Very excited to have this savory dessert during Taste of DC 2013. Its grilled cheese sandwich in a new unique way. ...
Fried Chicken Waffle $14 @ Sugo Osteria Rockville

Fried Chicken Waffle $14 @ Sugo Osteria Rockville

Rock your waffles off with some super Fried Chicken Waffles from a small plate restaurant Sugo Osteria in Rockville, DC's suburb. Many restaurants have fried chicken waffles, but none like this. Don't let the small size full you, I was barely able to finish it...
Bacon Egg Cheese Waffle from WickedWaffle

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Waffle $5 @ WickedWaffle

Have a wicked morning. Not much can beat starting your day with some delicies waffles, even better when there is BACON! I love their waffles prepared perfectly, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with gooey cheesy egg deliciousness in the middle. You...
Nutella Waffle from WickedWaffle

Nutella Waffle $7 @ WickedWaffle

Nutella is an 8th sin. Not sure there is anything to say other then NUTELLAAAAAA! Great desert treat for all hungry nomsters with super nomnom chocolate hazelnut spread and powder sugar. Sugar might make you look like you been doing coke. Not far from it, so g...
Waffle Captain Crunch Ice Cream Panini from University of Michigan

Waffle Captain Crunch Ice Cream Panini @ University of Michigan Cafeteria

This happens when silly people eat. This was one of those ones in a life time ideas. To take waffles, add some ice cream, Captain Crunch serial and then put in panini gril for a few seconds. One person saw us do this and told us we are crazy weird. You know wh...
Waffle from Grand Lux Cafe

Waffle @ Grand Lux Cafe

Waffle me up with thick. Can never go rong with something so thick. Great way to start the day or continue late night of clubbing in Vegas! Nice and thick, just the way waffle should be. www.grandluxcafe.com ...
Waffles Benedict w Bacon from Original Pancake House

Waffles Benedict w Bacon @ Original Pancake House

Wait what? As soon as I saw it on the menu I knew I just had to get it. Its Waffle with Eggs Benedict and Bacon inside. I mean come on?? How can anyone say no to that! I'm so in love with who ever came up with this. Though waitress did make a "ehh?" face at me...
Fried Chicken & Waffles from Founding Farmers MoCo

Fried Chicken & Waffles $16 @ Founding Farmers MoCo

Holy nomster its fried chicken with waffles, mac n cheese and veggies in one dish! Did I accidentally ordered two dishes?? Great mix of weird things that you don't usually find in one dish. I want to go back and try their 7 cheese Mac n Cheese. www.wearefou...
Hoising Duck Waffle Sandwich from WickedWaffle

Hoising Duck Waffle Sandwich @ WickedWaffle

I got a case of wicked and it's contagious! Its a waffle sandwich with a tone of duck meaty goodness. Its very greasy so make sure to get lots of napkins. www.wickedwaffle.com ...