Candied Cayenne Bacon Chocolate from Ram's Head Tavern

Candied Cayenne Bacon Chocolate $2 @ Ram’s Head Tavern

I want you inside of me, you sexy piece of bacon goodness. The world is perfect when you get to nom at Maryland Bacon Festival? In Inner Harbor Baltimore. With every bite, you can taste the thick and rich chocolaty flavor. The Peanuts on top for that extra cr...
Double Bacon Brat $3 @ Ram's Head Tavern at Bacon Festival

Double the Bacon, Double the Fun. Best Dish EVER MADE at Bacon Festival

The world is perfect when you get to try Double Bacon Brat from Ram's Head at Maryland's Bacon Festival in Inner Harbor, Baltimore. Tonight we die with bacon! This is worth all the cholesterol, artery-clogging, and waiting in line in the scorching heat. Might ...
Bacon-Maple Gelato $7 @ Urban Butcher Down Town Silver Spring

Whaa the Bacon Maple Gelato @ Urban Butcher in Down Town Silver Spring

Bacon tastes bud fun time with this amazing Bacon Maple Gelato dessert from meat masters of Urban Butcher in Down Town Silver Spring, DC's city like a suburb. BAAAACCCON!!! Can never beat a yummy dessert with bacon and sugary goodness. Look at that awesome sug...
Truck Patch Pork Belly & Asian Pear from Dino

Truck Patch Pork Belly & Asian Pear $12 @ Dino

Everything is great with bacon! We've put bacon on about anything, but yet to try pear. Love bacon, love pears, I think we are in for a taste collision of awesomeness. It's an interesting sweet peach flavor with smokey bacony. Look how thick that bacon goodnes...
Roasted Turkey Cobb Salad from Trio

Double Protean, Double the Meat Salad for Gay Boys @ Trio in Dupont

Time to add some greens to your diet with a whole lot of meat with Roasted Turkey Cobb Salad from Trio Restaurant in DuPot, the fabulous gay neighborhood. Can't have greens without the best part like bacon, roasted turkey and eggs. This is pretty much 50% gree...
Three Ways of Bacon from Quench

Three Ways of Bacon $8 @ Quench

The best kind of three-way is with bacon!!! Dam that those slaps of pig goodness are enormousness. So long and thick, perfect for a three-way. Perfected prepared with just the right amount of softness and light crunch house-cured bacon. Come with three very yu...
Amorita Club Sandwich from Amorita Resort Bohol Philippines

Amorita Club Sandwich $9 @ Amorita Resort in Bohol Philippines

Unleash the awesomeness of Ham Sandwich, the Filipino style with Amorita Club Sandwich from Amorita Resort, a restaurant on the beach in Bohol Philippines. In Bohol, a ham sandwich comes with thick pieces of BACON! A whole lot of sandwich goodness for $9 (375 ...
Bacon Poptart from Ted's Bulletin

Bacon Poptart $2 @ Ted’s Bulletin

Oh the pure excitement I had ordering this. Last time they were all out so this time nothing was going to stop us. First bite in and its a chocolatety gooey bacon explosion. hick chocolate combined with so much dough that it became just too dry. Maybe if it wa...
Caramel Glazed Bacon Donut $3 @ Gypsy Queen Food Truck in Baltimore

Rule like a Queen with Bacon Donut @ Gypsy Queen Food Truck

All bow down to the queen of all bacon things the Caramel Glazed Bacon Donut for $3 from Gypsy Queen Food Truck in Baltimore, a city not too far from DC. HOLY BACON GODS!!!! Hands down one of our most favorite dishes during Gathering 2013 DC vs. Baltimore Food...
LBJ Mac n Cheese $19 @ Scion Silver Spring

Holy Cheese its Lobster Bacon Jalapeno Mac n Cheese

Update: Sadly as of now this dish has been discontinued at Scion Silver Spring. Tell them how upset you and demand it returns! The dreams of every Mac n Cheese love are made of this Lobster Bacon Jalapeno Mac n Cheese from a brand new Scion restaurant in Do...
Bacon Chicken Club Burrito from California Tortilla

Bacon Chicken Club Burrito $7 @ California Tortilla

Bacon in my burrito? Is this crazy or amazing world we living in, HELL YEA! You can really taste the amazing flavor of bacon. It taste like they packed a ton of bacon in there. It snot just tiny chunks, its flavor bacon attack with jalapeño ranch! Great with c...
Bacon Mac & Cheese from Co Co Sala

Fancy Mac n Cheese with Chocolate and Bacon @ Co Co Sala in Penn Quarter

Go fancy on your date with Chocolate Covered Bacon Mac n Cheese from the most romantic chocolate bar Co Co Sala in Penn Quarter, DC's diverse food neighborhood. This is one of our most favorite date spot in the city. Mac n Cheese is not exactly the fanciest di...