Slow Cooked Pork Ribs from Bar Gitano San Juan Puerto Rico

Slow Cooked Pork Ribs $12 @ Bar Gitano

Finger licking good when you try some local Pork Ribs in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Slow-cooked pork ribs with Gitano's exclusive BBQ. With the first bite, you can taste fantastic flavor as crazy tender meat falls off the bone. Almost unprecedented how tender the ...
BBQ Salmon KitchenCray

BBQ Salmon @ KitchenCray a Food Experience in DC

I went fishing and caught some cray. Kitchen cray ones again deliver something very cray. It's their take on how fish should be prepared and its with BBQ sauce. That's an exciting pairing usually don't find everywhere. Had my doubts this will work, but they pr...
Bulgogi from Honey Pig

Bulgogi @ Honey Pig

Ones you go bulgogi you can't go back. If you go to a Korean BBQ you can't pass by ordering some nomnom marinated beef. Like all the other meaty orders, this comes with dipping sauce, banchan (standard korean sides) and lettuce. Adding some grilled rice, kimch...
Sliced Pork Belly from Honey Pig

Sliced Pork Belly @ Honey Pig

I think I'm in meat lover heaven. Get ready to eat anything and everything meat you can think of grilled right in front of you. We started with a nice order of sliced pork belly. It started to smell so good as it was prepared right there. Pork was so soft and ...
Cherry BBQ Sauce from Cherry Republic

Cherry BBQ Sauce @ Cherry Republic

You cherry what? This is one chercrazy store in Ann Arbor Michigan with everything and anything cherry! Ah so many choices, you just have to try them all, but trust me you just might buy them all. www.cherryrepublic.com ...
Bowl Bd's Mongolian Grill

Bowl $18 @ Bd’s Mongolian Grill (CLOSED)

Time for fun food. This time I decided to make an all seafood bowl with sweet orange sauce and 3 eggs. Dam this was good! Its so much fun to see your food prepared on a giant stove with giant knives. Their open bar with large variety of ingredients will satisf...
Jumbo Beef Ribs from Buz & Ned's

Jumbo Beef Ribs $25 @ Buz & Ned’s

Nothing like a mountain of ginourmouse ribs. Most beautiful thing ever! It's the size of my face ribs! One of Man vs Food spots and so worth the drive! Thats a lot of money, but dam that is a whole lot of ribs more then 3 people can split. Get ready for your w...
Sliced Pork Sandwich from Rocklands BBQ

Sliced Pork Sandwich $8 @ Rocklands BBQ

Oh baby BBQ! No, it's not made out of nomnombabies. But not a bad idea? Not overly impressive sandwich, will have to come back for Pulled Pork. Pretty presentation and fries were like from Five Guys. www.rocklands.com ...
Pork Ribs BBQ from Black's Barbecue

Pork Ribs BBQ @ Black’s Barbecue

Its like the taste of home. Not just DC home, but home home back in Eastern Europe. This place has been around for 100 years and dam do they know how to make their BBQ. Its more on smoky side without crazy amount of BBQ sauce which reminded me of ribs I used t...
BBQ Ribs from Pat's

BBQ Ribs @ Pat’s (CLOSED)

Ribs for breakfast? Why not, lets get some famous San Antonio's Eastside BBQ. Those are some ginourmouse ribs. So much soft tender meat that just falls off the bones. They are so big that just a few can fill you up. Covered lightly with some tasty BBQ sauce. i...
Pulled Pork and Mac & Cheese from Urban Bar-B-Que Company

Pulled Pork and Mac & Cheese @ Urban Bar-B-Que Company

Can I pull my mac? Time to try Rockville's best BBQ place. Extremely soft and tender pieces of pork with mostly meat and a little bit of fatty goodness. Doesn't taste like there too much sauce, nice and light. Comes with a choice of a side and can never pass u...
Soul Roll from Urban Bar-B-Que Company

Soul Roll @ Urban Bar-B-Que Company

It has a soul. Deep fried rolls stuffed with meat and cheese. It comes with its very own meat dipping sauce. Sauce made out of meat? How awesome is that. Make sure to share this with a friend or just might gain 10 pounds. www.urbanbbqco.com ...