Brunch Dessert from Mrs. K's

Brunch Dessert @ Mrs. K’s

All you can eat desserts? Count us in for one of the best all you can eat Sunday brunch in town at Silver Spring, DC foodie suburb. Wow, that is a whole lot of sweetness as part of our all you can eat for just $30. So many things to try, too bad we only ave on...
Sunday Brunch Buffet from Mrs K

Sunday Brunch Buffet $30 @ Mrs K’s

So much to eat at one of the best Sunday brunch buffets in Silver Spring's premier restaurants in DC suburb. There are so many different things for you to try. From Eggs Benedict, ribs with meat so soft it falls off the bone, amazing home fries, to the tone of...
Brunch Omelet from Mrs. K's Silver Spring

Brunch Omelet @ Mrs. K’s

We just egged ourself with an omelet at one of the best all you can eat Sunday brunch in Silver Spring premier restaurant, DC suburb. Dam that is a whole lot of food for Sunday unlimited brunch for $30. What can be better than getting all you can eat an omelet...
Bananacue from Villa Escudero Philippines

Bananacue @ Waterfalls Restaurant in Villa Escudero Philippines

You haven't had a banana when its perfectly combined with BBQ with Filipino take on savory dessert Banacue at Waterfalls Restaurant in Villa Escudero Philippines. Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana banana-ah-ah!!! Villa Escudero's Waterfall restaurant is ...

All You Can Eat Buffet $40 @ Bacchanal Buffet

The world is my dish. What a great way to enjoy tone of food in Vegas by visiting one of the top buffets on a strip. That is some crazy amount food in there. Anything and everything from American to Asian and Mexican. You got to eat little bit of each dish so ...
All You Can Desserts from Bacchanal Buffet Caesars Palace

All You Can Desserts $40 @ Bacchanal Buffet Caesars Palace

All your desserts belong in my mouth. Great way to end all you can eat buffet in Vegas is with all you can eat dessert. It was sweetness overload with so much to try. I kept going back for more a few times. There are just so many different things from mini cak...
Filipino Food from Lumpia Pansit

Filipino Buffet @ Lumpia Pansit Atbp

Nothing like all you can nom. Mhhh this was super nomnom adventures! I'm in love with all their meats. Very soft and super flavorful. Lots of sweet flavors with their meat dishes. Fried rice and noodles were also delicious. I think I found a new favorite place...
All You Can Meat from Fogo De Chao

All Your Can Meat @ Fogo De Chao

Meat, meat, meat! Holy meat gods, there is a lot of meat here. Pretty much any sort of meat you can image and they will bring it to you. Well maybe not Bunny Wrapped in Bambi meat and Bacon? They have a lot of different cheeses that go great with meats. I love...
Bowl Bd's Mongolian Grill

Bowl $18 @ Bd’s Mongolian Grill (CLOSED)

Time for fun food. This time I decided to make an all seafood bowl with sweet orange sauce and 3 eggs. Dam this was good! Its so much fun to see your food prepared on a giant stove with giant knives. Their open bar with large variety of ingredients will satisf...