Capital Burger from Smash Burger

Capital Burger $7 @ Smash Burger Tyson

Tyson just got a brand new burger place with DC-specific burger, so we just had to try it. You got to test and see if it genuinely showcase what makes us so unique. Loving the price, you get a lot of burger for such a low price — big fan of the brioche bun and...
Double Burger from SUGO?

Double Burger $11 @ Sugo Osteria Rockville

It's double or nothing. That's because one meat patty is not enough for this place, so they double their burgers in Silver Spring, DC suburb. Especially when eating such a juicy meat patty like this. So soft and flavorful, this is one of the most nomnom meatne...
Cheddar Cheeseburger from Jackson's

Cheddar Cheeseburger @ Jackson’s

Might place, doesn't always have mighty things. Meat patty was pretty good, their medium is pink in the middle and it was very juicy soft with nice flavors. You can really taste the cheese, they put so much. For the most part the meat patty is really what matt...
Big Daddy's Burger from Amorita Resort Bohol Philippines

Big Daddy’s Burger $11 @ Amorita Resort in Bohol Philippines

Who would have guessed Filipinos are masters of burgers, especially when it's named Big Daddy's Burger from Amorita Resort, a restaurant on the beach in Bohol Philippines. I was starving and craving something very massively greasy meaty. That is a whole lot of...
Drew’s Peanut Butter Bacon Burger from Ted's Bulletin

Drew’s Peanut Butter Bacon Burger $13 @ Ted’s Bulletin

The Bacon is strong with this one. Whaa bacon and peanut butter with jam together on one burger? How can we not order this up. Mhh juicy meaty goodness is what this burger is. Made my hungry tommy very happy. I'm a fan of sesame seed bun, it was very light fla...
Scion Wagyu Burger $12 @ Scion Down Town Silver Spring

Enter a Wagyu Beef Burger Noming, High Quality Meaty Goodness

This hungry nomster is super excited to try a Wagyu Beef Burger from a new Scion Restaurant location in Down Town Silver Spring, DC's city like a suburb. Wagyu which literary means Japanese cow is one of the most desired cows with that extra fatty goodness tha...
Turkey Burger from Madhatter

Turkey Burger @ Madhatter

Bring on the turkey burger goodness. I don't usually order turkey burgers, but I felt I should change that up. This was a solid burger and good menu choice. Of course like any burger I added fried egg on top! You simply can't have a a burger without one. It wa...
Korean Steak Burger $9 @ Mark's Kitchen Takoma Park

Korean Steak Burger $9 @ Mark’s Kitchen Takoma Park

Vegans know their meat, especially with Korean Steak Burger from a vegan, vegetarian and carnivore Korean fusion restaurant in a heart of Takoma Park, DC's artsy suburb. Who knew vegans make one mean meaty burger! The only way to make black angus beef burger b...
Angus Beef Burger $8 @ Big Buns Arlington

Angus Beef Burger $8 @ Big Buns Arlington

I like big buns and I can not lie, especially this big Angus Beef burger from this new burger joint in Arlington, DC's city suburb. Its build your own burger place which always makes us so crazy happy to get our creative juices flowing. Mhhh burger juices! You...
Bahn Mi Burger Tapas $9 @ MASA 14 on U st in DC

Bahn Mi Burger Tapas $9 @ MASA 14 on U Street in Washington DC

Explore the Latin Asian fusion tapas branch with Bahn Mi Burger from Masa 14 bottomless brunch on U St, DC's foodie neighborhood. Hello, tiny sexy beast of burger goodness! An ultimate fusion dish that brings together Latin, Asian, and American cuisine in one ...
Bulgogi Burger from Kraze Burgers

Bulgogi Burger @ Kraze Burgers Bethesda (CLOSED)

I'm going all gogi for some bulgogi. I think we got the last order in for this limited release burger nomnom. Holy sauce is Sweet Sesame-Soy Sauce! I'm a fan of weird fusion dishes with brand new eye opening take on normal dishes. Defiantly a new take on burge...