World Champion Burger from BGR

World Champion @ BGR

We eat like champions. Oh yea famous burger that won 3rd place in World Food Championship? Can't pass this by. This is one great burger to bite into! I just love the strange roasted onion marmalade on top and of course fried egg is always an excellent choice. ...
SmockShack Burger from Shake Shack Dupont

SmockShack Burger $9 @ Shake Shack Dupont

It didn't shake enough. If I'm not sure about a dish I will try it a few times before final posting. After multiple visits I still can't figure out why this place is so popular and have a burger I like. I didn't really taste anything so special about this burg...
Vegan Bacon Burger from Farmers Fishers Backers

Vegan Bacon Burger $12 @ Farmers Fishers Bakers

All hail the king! I think this should be renamed as King Vegan Bacon Burger! I was so surprised by the sheer size of this. Most meatless burgers are very slime and unimpressive. Got to fill up this meat lover! This redefined everything we know about fake meat...
Pumpkin Burger from Seva

Pumpkin Burger $11 @ Seva

tis the season to be veggie! Place came highly recommended as one of the foodie spots in Ann Arbor Michigan. Sadly I don't think tis the season for this. I was so excited to try this. How often can you find a pumpkin burger? but it didn't really taste pumkiny ...
Bacon Jam Burger $14 @ Mad Fox Brewing Falls Church

Bacon Jam Burger $14 @ Mad Fox Brewing Falls Church

Jam it up with a Bacon Jam Burger from the master of beer and burgers from an amazing beer brewery in Falls Church, DC's suburb. They did what with my bacon? BACON JAM! Yea, put a bacon jam on my burger. How many places make their own jam with bacon? They know...
Gluten Free Burger from Counter

Major Meat Gluten Free Burger @ Counter Reston Town Center

We going all meat and all gluten free burger with this pound burger from our favorite burger joint in Reston Town Center, DC's growing new suburb. Now that is what I call MAJOR MEAT. Look at this beautiful piece of art. It's not just a burger, its a masterpiec...
Beef Sliders from Co Co Sala

Beef Sliders @ Co Co Sala in Penn Quarter DC

Small things come with big flavors when its the Beef Sliders appetizer from Co Co Sala, DC's perfect late-night date spot in Penn Quarter. Oh, so tiny slide! It may be small, but it packs a flavor punch. It was a total surprise but an excellent one. One of tho...
Big Stuff Bacon Meltdown Burger from Good Stuff Eatery

Big Stuff Bacon Meltdown $9 @ Good Stuff Eatery

Its double the meltdown. Double patty, double cheese and lots of bacon? Yea, so ordering this! I love all the cheesey goodness in there. Meat was very flavorful, butI kind of wish there was more bacon. I think it got overpowered by all the cheese. I have to tr...
Frisco Burger from Founding Farmers MoCo

Frisco Burger $12 @ Founding Farmers MoCo

Give me all your patties. Juicy meaty goodness with bacon, avocado, white cheddar and louie dressing on top of fluffy buns. Pretty good solid burger, but not overly impressive. It was missing that WOW factor that each dish at Founding Farmers has. Still love t...
Butifarra Burger from Pepes

Butifarra Burger $10 @ Pepe Food Truck

Burger on wheels comes to you with this very long Spanish pork Butifarra Burger from a Pepe Food Truck at DC Truck De Mayo. This is probably the weirdness shaped burger I've ever seen, but don't judge it by its shape and instead by the nomnom flavors. It is ea...
Let It Brie Burger from Stage Burger Lounge

Let it Brie Burger $9 @ Stage Burger Lounge (CLOSED)

Say hello to new burger place. New burger place opened up near us so just had to stop by. I ordered one of their most popular burgers. As soon as I took first bite and I was WOWed away. I really like brie, but never really had it on a burger before. I got to s...
Custom Build Burger from Counter

Custom Build Burger @ Counter Reston Town Center

Its Nothing Matters in the World Burger.. I just love how many different things I was able to pack into this burger. Not an easy thing to bite, but I got it! My first time doing take out here and it was just as awesome. Meat quality, ingredients and bun were t...