Bison Burger from Funxion

Bison Burger $9 @ Funxion (CLOSED)

Time for a new foodie place opening. Brand new location doing test run of their special menu prepared by Nutritionist/Food Science specialist. This burger only has under 500 calories with 8g fat. Great burger with full of flavor and nice soft texture. I had pl...
The Elevation Burger from Elevation Burgers

The Elevation Burger @ Elevation Burger

Mhhh nothing like nomnom burger time on such a nice day. Tourist couple from Austin TX asked me to take their picture inside the burger place. Aww what a foodies You get to customized your burger and add many things like caramelized onions, elevation sauce, t...
Half the Guilt Burger from Elevation Burger

Half the Guilt Burger @ Elevation Burger

Burger that combines veggie & meaty. Fun mixture by @Eat_Elevation and I didn't feel guilty at all! MUHAHAHANOM There are two different veggie patties to choose from. Like their regular burgers, you can fully customize all the toppings like caramelized onions,...
Au Poivre Burger from Ray's Hell Burger

Au Poivre Burger @ Ray’s Hell Burger

It took several tries, but finally got a burger I like at Ray's, I went simple rout of making my own Original Au Poivre Burger medium cooked. It tasted as beautiful as it looks Its build your own burger kind of experience so I added tomatoes, bacon, runny butt...
Double Angus Beef Burger from YumBurger

Double Angus Beef Burger $12 @ YumBurger (CLOSED)

Burgelishies nomster attacking! There is a new burger place in town, s @ King Farm, Rockville. Love the create your own burger! Its a build your own burger place so I packed mine with horseradish cheddar, pickles, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, fried egg, ...
Sliders from Matchbox Rockville

Mini Burgers @ Matchbox in Rockville

Awww these little burgers are so itty bittie cute & adorable. AFTER I ATE THEM ALL and their friends! Very #nomnom . Great new restaurant just opened in town, in place of PGA Grill. I love the decor and atmosphere of this new place! www.matchboxrockville.co...
New Jack Zing Burger from Ray's Hell Burgers

New Jack Zing Burger @ Ray’s Hell Burger

Another attempt to confirm suppose DC's best burger place. Sadly another unimpressive burger. It just didn't have that special bam this place suppose to have. Add to the fail foodie trip the waiter kept on getting my order wrong. Had to convince her that I ind...