Wet Chicken Burrito @ Taqueria El Metate in Redwood City California

Burrito Makes Me Wet in Right Places @ Taqueria El Metate in California

Get all wet for lunch with a giant Wet Chicken Burrito from Taqueria El Metate a Mexican restaurant in Redwood City, San Francisco Suburb. While on yet another trip to the San Francisco Bay Area we went out to find some good burritos! When you are super hungry...
BLT Grilled Chicken Burrito @ Well Dressed Burrito

Unleash the Ulimate Lunch Burrito @ Well Dressed Burrito in DuPont

It's lunchtime with BLT Grilled Chicken Burrito at a popular and hidden burrito place in DuPont Circle, DC neighborhood. When I say dark, I mean you might have to look for a bit to find it. It's hard to find this small door located on the side of a building in...
Rib Rito Burrito from Rito Loco Truck Baltimore

Rib Rito Burrito $8 @ Rito Loco Truck

Oh yea pulled baby back rib burrito! Time for some Boris size burritos at the Gathering DC vs Baltimore Food Trucks Competition. That thing is pretty massive piece of meaty goodness. Watch out, it has a nice little kick. Not too much spice, just enough to make...
Bangcock Thai Burrito from Boloco Bethesda

Asia Meets Latin with Bangkok Thai Burrito @ Boloco Bethesda (CLOSED)

This is our second visit to this awesome new burittolishesness! Wait, whaaa Thai burrito? Now these guys are just crazy, our kind of crazy! Peanut sauce was delicious and went so great with chicken, cucumber, and brown rice. Sauce along made it super tasty. Th...
Bacon Chicken Club Burrito from California Tortilla

Bacon Chicken Club Burrito $7 @ California Tortilla

Bacon in my burrito? Is this crazy or amazing world we living in, HELL YEA! You can really taste the amazing flavor of bacon. It taste like they packed a ton of bacon in there. It snot just tiny chunks, its flavor bacon attack with jalapeño ranch! Great with c...
Teriyaki Steak Burrito from Boloco

East Meets West with Teriyaki Steak Burrito @ Boloco Bethesda (CLOSED)

I make my burritos all Asian with this brand new player in town Boloco with their Teriyaki Steak Burrito at their brand new Bethesda location. Welcome to a new burrito place in the DC area. Always exciting to try new nom nom. With so many different choices, I ...
Breakfast Burito from Farmers Fishers Bakers Brunch

Italian Sausage Breakfast Burrito @ Farmers Fishers Bakers

Got to an eggs station at brunch buffet and was told I can have any style breakfast burrito with my choice of meat. Oh yea! Lets start this party and have Italian Sausage Burrito with extra cheesy cheese and onions. I could barely finish that giant thing. You ...
Breakfast Burrito from PBR Rock Bar

Breakfast Burrito $10 @ PBR Rock Bar

Lets have giant Vegas Strip brunch. Dam that thing is ginourmouse. I was very surprised how big this burrito was. Though the size was the only surprise in there. While there is a lot going inside, it was a bit weak. Tasted kind of bland to me. I do give them h...
Caribbean Mango Burrito from California Tortilla

Caribbean Mango Burrito $7 @ California Tortilla

We going to caribbean. Great new burrito at one of my favorite burritonomnest places. This was a great mix of nomnom ingredients. I love the blackened chicken, mango sauce and mango salsa mix. Its double the mango! Made for a nice sweet flavor with mexican ric...
Energizer Breakfast Sandwich from Stage Door New York City

Energizer Breakfast Sandwich $9 @ Stage Door

Power up! That's a pretty hearty, but healthy egg-white breakfast sandwich. It had a nice mix of turkey, peppers and onions, but tasted a bit too dry. It needed something to make it soft. After all, breakfast should soft and gooey to start off the day. www....
Chorizo Grinder Burrito from Getaway

Chorizo Grinder Burrito $13 @ Getaway (CLOSED)

Zomg now that's a brunching. Great egg burrito! I could really taste everything. That little thing packs a lot in it with pepper jack cheese, onions, tomatillo sauce, Chorizo sausage, peppers, pico de gallo and flour tortilla. www.thegetawaydc.com ...