Mac n Cheese Chicken Nuggets from BlackFinn

Mac n Cheese Chicken Nuggets @ BlackFinn (CLOSED)

Oh, my nuggets!!! Forget your boring chicken nuggets and try these Mac n Cheese stuffed Fried Chicken Nuggets in Bethesda, DC foodie suburb. Or should we say balls? You know how much we love shots! Combines everything we love about chicken nuggets bready goodn...
Crabby Pretzel from Limerick Pub

Crabby Pretzel $10 @ Limerick Pub

Going to krabby shack under the sea! I couldn't pass by baked soft pretzel smothered in crab spread and cheddar cheese. More like a mountain of flavorful crabby cheesy goodness on top of soft pretzel. It's very bready so make sure to split it with a friend or ...
Cheese Dip from Melting Pot

Cheddar Cheese Fondue @ Melting Pot

Its all about The Game of Cheese. Are you ready for cheesedventure? Our multi course meal starts off with your choice of cheese fondue. Its like an explosion of cheesy cheddar and swiss goodness. It was so fun to dip different veggies into cheesy goodness. Our...
Dorito Mac n Cheese Fried Chicken $12 @ Quench Rockville

Dorito Mac n Cheese Fried Chicken $12 @ Quench Rockville (CLOSED)

Forget Dorito tacos when you have Dorrto Mac n Cheese Fried Chicken best of three worlds from New American Quench restaurant in Rockville, DC suburb. Just overflowing with Dorito excitement!!!! There is a new restaurant in town and we just had to try their fam...
Grill Cheese from Wheyich Food Truck Baltimore

Grill Cheese @ Wheyich Food Truck (CLOSED)

Say hello to monster cheese! Exploring more crazy nomnoms at the Gathering 2013 DC vs Baltimore Food Truck Competition. It might just eat you up if you don't watch out. I love how much cheesy goodness is in there. That is one gooey grill cheese. You just have ...
Cheesy Dip from Farmers Fishers Bakers

Cheesy Dip @ Farmers Fishers Bakers

Makes me cheese all over. Great way to start your all you can eat brunch. At first glance I thought that was Mac n Cheese, so I just had to try it. Turns out, its a cheese dip. Hey when it taste this good who cares you got nomnom fooled. Its so good I can just...
Mozzarella Sticks from Coins Pub Ocean City

Mozzarella Sticks @ Coins Pub

Mhhh cheesy fried goodness. Fried is the way to go for nomnom dinner in Ocean City. So cheesy gooey on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Comes with some red dipping sauce, but I wasn't really a big fan of it. I rather just not dip and enjoy them as is. ...
Egg Foo Young from China King's

Egg Foo Young $9 @ China King’s

Holy molly its like size of my head! That was a very impressive dish, there is just so much food to eat. www.chinakingtogo.com ...
Flaming Poo Poo Plater from China Garden

Flaming Poo Poo Plater @ China Garden

Eating poo poo? Yes, you heard it right, Poo Poo Plater. Oh silly nomsters. No, there was no poo and I'm sure it means something specific. Everything tasted amazing and getting it extra grilled with fire right there was so fun. It was a mix of fried chicken, b...
Flameado De Queso from Mi Rancho

Flameado De Queso @ Mi Rancho

Oh for the love of cheese!!! I love the cheesiness of this antojitos dish. I'm not 100% sure if I got the right dish name. www.miranchotexmexrestaurant.com ...