Deep Fried

Croquetas del Dia from Bar Gitano San Juan Puerto Rico

Croquetas del Dia $6 @ Bar Gitano

The balls of fury! Holy balls of croquetas are one of the most nomnom dishes from our trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Crunchy outside filled with gooey cheesy goodness on the inside. Makes for a perfect meal aft...
Tempura Espresso Cured Bacon from Lias

Tempura Espresso Cured Bacon $10 @ Lia’s

Oh yea deep fry it baby. Every wednesday is bacon day, so we just had to make every order baconwesome. So if you have a bacon centered thing, I will be there. We started off with some strange bacon appetizer. T...
Las Vegas Roll from Ikko

Las Vegas Roll $11 @ Ikko Sushi

It was impressive than before. This is one of my most favorite rolls at this place and area. For some reason, it tasted even better than before! It's full of nomnom creamy delicateness. There is so much going o...
Deep Fried Oreos from Montgomery County Fair

Deep Fried Oreos @ Montgomery County Fair

Deep fried things is why fairs exist! or at least why you should go there. No other reason! Deep fried breading goodness with gooey melted Oreo inside. I like how there is not too much powder suger on top, beca...