Russo's Tower Sandwich $15 @ Heckman's Deli Betheda

Russo’s Tower Sandwich $15 @ Heckman’s Deli Betheda

My big mouth vs. big sandwich when it comes to eating a tower size sandwich from this unique deli in Bethesda, one of DC's fancy foodie suburbs. How do you eat this monstrosity? Even masters of eating big things like me have no way to get my mouth around it. T...
Heckman's Cheesecake @ Heckman's Deli Bethesda

Heckman’s Cheesecake $7 @ Heckman’s Deli Bethesda

There is no authentic dinner without large brick of cheesecake dessert from one of the unique delis in Bethesda, DC suburb. A somewhat annoying patron of this deli was raving about how good the cheesecake is. So we decided to test out all the claims and order ...

Latkes, Lox & Eggs $10 @ Parkway Deli in Silver Spring

The best breakfast is at dinner — a perfect dish from one of our favorite places. Two latkes (potato pancakes) topped with Nova and two eggs. Just love the two runny eggs going everywhere. Get a little bit of everything in every bite for a nomnom time in your ...
Hash Brown Omelet from Parkway Deli

Hash Brown Omelet $9 @ Parkway Deli in Silver Spring

We moving to omelet town. Most amazing omelet ever created! Its an omelet stuffed with hash brown. How crazy is this town! Also packed with bacon and melted cheddar. Also comes with a choice of toast, english muffin or bagel. Whole lot of food for such a low p...