Happy Eggtastica everyone! This is a day we celebrate the eggs in all their form and glory! They are some of our most favorite things and we are happy to share with you a few reviews.

Crab Cake Eggs Benedict Brunch @ McGinty's

Crab Cake Eggs Benedict Brunch @ McGinty’s

I might have brunch eggdiction. I am enjoying a lovely brunch nomnom at the heart of Down Town Silver Spring, DC's foodie suburb. I was pleasantly sur...
Brunch Omelet from Mrs. K's Silver Spring

Brunch Omelet @ Mrs. K’s

We just egged ourself with an omelet at one of the best all you can eat Sunday brunch in Silver Spring premier restaurant, DC suburb. Dam that is a wh...
Bacon Deviled Eggs from Piratz Tavern

Bacon Deviled Eggs @ Piratz Tavern (CLOSED)

Not the hidden treasure you looking for in Silver Spring, DC foodie suburb. Big fan of deviled eggs, love eating them, and enjoy making them. They see...
Croque Madame $13 from Paul Bakery & Cafe

Croque Madame $13 @ Paul Bakery

Girls over boys when it comes to putting an egg on your Croque Madame sandwich in one of the fancy bakeries in Georgetown, DC neighborhood. Well if yo...
Mekhleme from Busboys and Poets Hyetsville

Mekhleme $11 @ Busboys and Poets Hyattsville

Hashing on some eggs. Anytime we see a unique dish, it will be on our plate. Nothing says unique like Iraqi corned beef hash with runny poached eggs o...