Happy Eggtastica everyone! This is a day we celebrate the eggs in all their form and glory! They are some of our most favorite things and we are happy to share with you a few reviews.

Poached Eggs from Tabard Inn

Poached Eggs $15 @ Tabard Inn

I'm usually not a big fan of grits, but these cheese grits were not too bad. The cheesiness combined with red eye gravy covered the normal grit taste ...
Masa Breakfast Pizza Tapas $7 @ MASA 14 on U St in DC

The Joy of Personal Breakfast Pizza @ MASA 14

Unleash the joy of your very own Masa Breakfast Pizza from Masa 14, Asian Latin Fusion restaurant on U St in DC with one of the best-unlimited brunche...
Bacon Egg Cheese Waffle from WickedWaffle

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Waffle $5 @ WickedWaffle

Have a wicked morning. Not much can beat starting your day with some delicies waffles, even better when there is BACON! I love their waffles prepared ...
Mushroom Omelette from Daily Dish

Mushroom Omelette $10 @ Daily Dish

Bring on the mushroomania. Can't say its the best omelette I've ever tried, but its pretty good. I was defiantly satisfied with my dish. I like how li...
Frittata Zola from Café Zola

Frittata Zola $13 @ Café Zola

open face omelet? Stopping by one of the most popular brunch places in Ann Arbor. its not all the hype, its all true! That is just weird and wrong and...