Gluten Free

Crema Di Grom Gelato @ Grom Los Angeles California

Crema Di Grom Gelato @ Grom Los Angeles California

Can you hear that growing? It's the fantastic gluten-free gelato flavors Crema di Grom, Mango, and Pistachio from Grom an Italian place in Hollywood Los Angeles. Nothing beats cold and refreshing gelato on a hot Los Angeles day, especially when its Italian gel...
Big Valley Pizza from Open City

Big Valley Pizza $13 @ Open City

Time to go down a BBQ Chicken valley. First bite in and you you can really taste strong flavor of pulled BBQ chicken. Your taste buds might just get pulled. Even with strong flavor you can still taste everything else. Especially the extra cheesiness cheese. Ou...
Gluten Free Blueberry Pancakes from Origicanl Pancake House

Gluten Free Blueberry Pancakes $9 @ Original Pancake House

Thats no moon. I'm continuing to help my dear friend with gluten free diet by trying some gluten free PANCAKES!!! They are so fluffy soft with blueberry goodness. I acutely liked these more then normals ones. The taste was slightly different and very enjoyable...
Raging Cajun from Naked Pizza

Raging’ Cajun Pizza @ Naked Pizza

Its all the gluten-free rage! I really enjoyed this thing pizza. I'm not sure I really tasted sausage in there, but chicken was so good that I didn't really cared hehe. We actually got this half white and red, but I think white half was much better, you could ...