Gyro Plater from Original Ambrosian

Gyro Platter $11 @ Original Ambrosia in Rockville (CLOSED)

Might take some jaw unhinging or complex mouth joggling to fit it all in. The essential part about gyro is the meat, and this pace does not disappoint. Meat is nice and thick, yet very soft. Go with a platter so you can get more of your noming with two sides. ...
Gyro from Big Greek Cafe

Gyro & Greek Fries @ Big Greek Cafe in Down Town Silver Spring

Go big for your lunch with Gyro Wednesday particular $5 Gyro from Big Greek Cafe in Down Town Silver Spring, DC's city like a suburb. Welcome to our favorite classic cafe in the area. They serve some of the best Gyros and what can be better than ordering them ...
Gyro Pita from Greek Place

Gyro Pita $7 @ Greek Place

Is it geeeero or gyro. This is one big gyro! Always great when even my super jaw has hard time getting the whole thing in. Gyro flavor was a bit underwhelming, tasted a bit dry. I was expecting more and in comparison I still like Big Greek Cafe gyros more. Fre...
Gyro Burrito from California Tortilla

Gyro Burrito $8 @ California Tortilla

Wait, Gyro Burrito? Even my favorite places have a miss sometimes. It's interesting because you don't find gyro burritos. Wasn't a bad burger, but tasted like something was missing. Tried this burrito more than ones and both times, it just did not win my taste...