Chicken Sage Sausage Brunch $7 @ Cava Mezze on Capitol Hill in Washington DC

Chicken Sage Sausage @ Cava Mezza on Capitol Hill in Washington DC

Perfect Sunday morning starts with a nice big sausage like this Chicken Sage Sausage during brunch from Cava Mezze on Capitol Hill near Eastern Market in DC. Saw the waiter carry an order to the table next to us. The aroma and beauty of this dish just called o...
Oak Smoked Prime Rib Steak $32 @ Harris Ranch Selma California

Its Godzilla Size Steak! @ Harris Ranch

It's Godzilla! Oh, wait for its just a massive Oak Smoked Prime Rib Steak from the meat masters of Harris Ranch in Selma, California. It's a place that specializes in all things beef where they grow their cows so you can't pass up a steak. It's so fresh you ca...
Bull Oysters @ Harris Ranch Beef Company Selma California

Bull Oysters @ Harris Ranch Coalinga California

You can always enjoy some balls, especially when its Bull Oysters from Harris Ranch in Coalinga California off Route 1 between San Francisco and Los Angeles. An excellent way to start your steak noming adventure is with some bull oysters as long as you are not...
Banger Sausage and Mash $16 @ Limerick Pub Wheaton

Banger Sausage and Mash $16 @ Limerick Pub Wheaton

Late night drinks and food with traditional sausages and potatoes from an Irish pub in a hear of Wheaton, DC's up and coming foodie suburb. When enjoying a few drinks late at night, you want something that will help you enjoy even more drinks. This traditional...
Assorted Ham from Graffiato

Assorted Ham $18 @ Graffiato

Got ham? Usually don't pay that much for so little ham. I like giant Boris size ham pieces!! You get some nice meaty things from around the country Olli Speck ham from Virginia, Biellese Culatello ham from New York and Benton’s Smoked Country ham Tennessee. Wh...
Matchbox Meat Pizza from Matchbox in Rockville

Matchbox Meat Pizza $20 @ Matchbox Rockville

It's hard to fit all the meats in a box. It takes all the meats to make it into meat pizza with pepperoni, spicy italian sausages, and crispy bacon. Large pizza can fit whole lots of people. www.matchboxrockville.com ...