House Special Noodles @ Mingalaba San Francisco

House Special Noodles @ Mingalaba San Francisco

Exceptional food makes you feel unique on the inside, especially when you eat some special house noodles for dinner from a Burmese restaurant in Burlingame, a San Francisco suburb. Use the fork! You got to use that giant fork and spoon to mix all the ingredien...
Crouching Tiger Hidden Noodle Soup $11 @ NaiNai's Silver Spring

Crouching Tiger Hidden Noodle Soup @ NaiNai’s Silver Spring (CLOSED)

Warm yourself up on a cold day with a nice big bowl of pork noodle soup from brand new noodle and dumpling bar in Down Town Silver Spring, DC foodie suburb. It wasn't easy to pick out of so many different noodle soups on their menu. It all came down to the mos...
Pad See Ew Noodles @ Thai Pavilion

Pad See Ew Noodles @ Thai Pavilion

It is exploring rice noodles dishes in Rockville Town Square, DC suburb. We love wide rice noodles, and somehow they taste so much better than anything else. The recipe is so pretty, almost feel bad eating, but when you hungry, nothing will stop you. First, bi...
Beef Stroganoff from Parkway Deli

Beef Stroganoff $12 @ Parkway Deli in Silver Spring

Go strong with stroganoff with Beef Stroganoff from one of our favorite Jewish delis in Silver Spring, DC suburb. Its a thick layer of beef with mushrooms and onions on top of very soft noodles. Not just a little bit of beefy goodness, that whole thing is cove...
Shoyu Ramen from Daikaya

Shoyu Ramen $12 @ Daikaya

Defeat the polar vortex with power of ramen. Nothing can beat a nice big bowl of hot noodle soup on these cold days. Love the beautiful presentation and all the colors. What sets this apart from other places is their careful attention to the art of ramen. Soup...
Home Made Fried Noodles from Chinatown Express

Home Made Fried Noodles $7 @ Chinatown Express

Love me some fried noodle goodness. That was lots of meaty pork goodness in there few veggies and of course home made long noodles. Sometimes portions are either too big or too small, but this was a perfect portion size. I got to come back for more goodies. I ...
Korean Short Ribs Potato Noodles from Mark's Kitchen

Korean Short Ribs Potato Noodles $10 @ Mark’s Kitchen

Now we talking, this was an awesome dish! I was really blown away by the flavor. Love how flavorful and tender the short ribs were. Of course, like many Asian dishes you got to get little bit of everything together. Fried brown rice? Don't see that everyday. I...
Drunken Noodle Thai Style from Young Chow

Drunken Noodle Thai Style $11 @ Young Chow

Lets get drunk. Well, sadly this won't make you drunk, but maybe just make your taste buds a bit tipsy. I was craving some simple soft flat noodles and this dish fully satisfied my cravings. Pork was very well prepared. Portion was generous too, I was fool. Gr...
Mai Fah from Sala Thai

Mai Fah $10 @ Sala Thai

Clear the way for #34. Amazing!! My new favorite order at this restaurant. Dish was relatively light even though there is so much in it. Clear noodles tasted very nomnom and was perfect mix pork, shrimp, egg, and black mushroom served with white rice. By the w...
Little Bit of Everything from Mee Noodle Shop New York City

Little Bit of Everything $9 @ Mee Noodle Shop

OMG it's gravy based noodle soup. Lets try a weird Chinese noodle soup in New York City Hell's Kitchen. I love noodle soups and gravy, so I just had to get this interesting combination. It has all the meats you can think of. There is so much packed into it tha...
Shanghai Noodles from China King's

Shanghai Noodles $12 @ China King’s

It was a little bit weird trying fried hard noodles. I was a little confused how to eat it, but I'm easily confused hehehe. Plus, it had all the main meats and I love meat. www.chinakingtogo.com ...
Gway Tio Noodle from Cafe Asia

Gway Tio Noodle $12 @ Cafe Asia

hmm something about sweet spy "soy" sauce is so sweet. Very good vegetarian dish. Its a Singapore style flat rice noodles drenched in amazing sweet soy sauce topped with scallions, eggs, bean sprouts shrimp. All fried together in one nomnom combination. www...