Potato Tortilla a Spanish Omelet $5 @ Barcelona Wine Bar in Reston Virginia

Potato Tortilla a Spanish Omelet @ Barcelona Wine Bar in Reston Virginia

Nothing beats a Spanish breakfast omelet for dinner like Potato Tortilla from Barcelona Wine Bar a Spanish tapas restaurant in the heart of Reston Town Center, DC's suburb on Silver Line. A very traditional dish with lots of thin slices potatoes and eggs. A ve...
Sunday Brunch House Bacon Omelet $12 @ Urban Butcher Silver Spring

Sunday Brunch House Bacon Omelet $12 @ Urban Butcher Silver Spring

Get eggstatic with a special Sunday Brunch bacon omelet from the masters of all meaty things in Down Town Silver Spring, DC's unique city like a suburb. Omelets hold a dear place in our hearts and tummies, one of our most favorite breakfast dishes. So we can b...
Philly Steak Omelete @ Silver Diner Rockville

Philly Steak Omelete $13 @ Silver Diner Rockville

Breakfast is always great for dinner at this premier diner chain in Rockville, DC, suburb neighborhood. Its a fun omelete with a unique upscale healthy kind of touch to it. Say hello to one of our favorite omelet in the area. We love omelets, and it's one of o...
Brunch Omelet from Mrs. K's Silver Spring

Brunch Omelet @ Mrs. K’s

We just egged ourself with an omelet at one of the best all you can eat Sunday brunch in Silver Spring premier restaurant, DC suburb. Dam that is a whole lot of food for Sunday unlimited brunch for $30. What can be better than getting all you can eat an omelet...
Gruyere Omelete from Le Diplomate

Gruyere Omelete $13 @ Le Diplomate on U Street in Washington DC

Get your egg on! Nothing can beat a simple cheese omelet for a nice brunch. Sometimes the simplest things are the best. So fluffy soft, it was like eating a little cloud. Fluffy omelet with farm eggs layered with super gooey gruyere cheese. Served with big sid...
Wesphalian Ham & Cheese Omelet from Biergarten Haus

Wesphalian Ham & Cheese Omelet @ Biergarten Haus

Germans are just so fluffy. Holy eggs its a 6 egg omelet. One of the most fluffy soft omelets I've ever tried with super delicious ham and cheese. Comes with nice order of fries that you got to dip into curry ketchup. Served with nomnom red cabbage. that goes ...
Mushroom Omelette from Daily Dish

Mushroom Omelette $10 @ Daily Dish

Bring on the mushroomania. Can't say its the best omelette I've ever tried, but its pretty good. I was defiantly satisfied with my dish. I like how lite it was and the gooey mushroom goodness. So weird, this omelette comes with a salad. So strange! Usually don...
Frittata Zola from Café Zola

Frittata Zola $13 @ Café Zola

open face omelet? Stopping by one of the most popular brunch places in Ann Arbor. its not all the hype, its all true! That is just weird and wrong and maybe the best omelet ever created! They just might have turned my omelet work face up! Comes with a nice mix...
Italian Omelette from Skylight Diner New York City

Italian Omelette $9 @ Skylight Diner

Got to have some sausage in the morning! Need our breakfast to continue adventures in New York City. Very flavorful omelette and a nice cheeesy texture with strong italian sausage taste. Served with a nice side of home fries. get on noming. www.skylightdine...
Hash Brown Omelet from Parkway Deli

Hash Brown Omelet $9 @ Parkway Deli in Silver Spring

We moving to omelet town. Most amazing omelet ever created! Its an omelet stuffed with hash brown. How crazy is this town! Also packed with bacon and melted cheddar. Also comes with a choice of toast, english muffin or bagel. Whole lot of food for such a low p...