Onion Ring

Crispy Onion Rings $6 @ BurgerFi in Down Town Silver Spring, Maryland

Crispy Onion Rings $6 @ BurgerFi in Down Town Silver Spring, Maryland

Put a ring on your burger order with a side of giant Crispy Onion Rings from BurgerFi, a new burger joint in Down Town Silver Spring. No burger can go without some onion rings, and these are perfect nomnom. Order up this enormous larger than life rings. Some o...
Onion Rings from Copper Canyon Grill

Onion Rings @ Copper Canyon Grill

We here to steal your secrets! Can't find this on the menu, just got to ask for this secret item. These onion rings are so big, the size of my giant head. They weren't bad, but can't really say I was impressed with them. They tasted kind of wet and not much fl...
Onion Rings from Mad Fox Brewery

Onion Rings @ Mad Fox Brewing

Larger then my face. Those are some big onion rings! Love their super size. Just one of them filled me up and I said "I'm full." Comes with great dipping sauce that I asked for more and dipped my burger and pizza into. Oh yea! Only bad thing, it tasted more li...
Onion Rings from Good Stuff Eatery

Onion Rings @ Good Stuff Eatery

No burger can go without some side onion rings and french fries. I really enjoyed these onion rings. They were not too greasy and went great with their amazing assortment of condiments like mango mayo and sriracha mayo. Who has sriracha mayo??? They were very ...
Onion Rings from Mark's Kitchen

Onion Rings $3 @ Mark’s Kitchen

Its crunch time. This was a great way to start our late lunch. Crunchy greecy rings dripping in nomnom goodness, just the way it should be. I just wish they gave you more then just 5. www.markskitchen.com ...
Onion Rings from Burger Tap & Shake

Onion Rings $3 @ Burger Tap & Shake

Time to get a ring. It was weird, because they did not taste like your normal onion rings. Normally you would expect something like this to be the same everywhere. They were lighter, felt like there was less deep frying. Felt a bit dry, but not really a bad th...
Onion Rings from Matchbox Rockville

Onion Rings @ Matchbox in Rockville Maryland

Nomster loves to play with his food. Now these are super ginormous rings! Look at their site. Great started to share with friends or eat by yourself. STAY AWAY! ALL MINE! www.matchboxrockville.com...
K Onion Burger from Kraze Burgers

K Onion Burger @ Kraze Burgers

Koreans are coming with crazy burgers. One of their most popular orders and it didn't disappoint. Burger patty was juice and Honey BBQ sauce real added nice flavor. Onion ring + Bacon is a great mix. Top bun was weirdly off from the rest of the burger. Partia...
Onion Rings from Wiener's Circle

Onion Rings $3 @ Wiener’s Circle

The most prettiest and nomnom deliciousness onion rings. So crispy and so good. Just can't go wrong with this order with some nomnom sandwiches and hot dogs at WIENER!!!! www.greatfallsgourmet.com ...
Onion Rings from Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington

Onion Rings @ Ray’s Hell Burger

Sometimes frying is too much. Too much oil and I felt like I was drinking oil. It almost dominated the taste. It might be just that day, before they were better. www.rayshellburger.com ...