Penne Curry Pasta $15 @ Il Fornaio San Francisco

Penne Curry Pasta $15 @ Il Fornaio San Francisco

We are uncovering the evil plot of secret menu items with this fantastic curry sauce pasta from an Italian restaurant on Levi Plaza in San Francisco. I feel like we are James Bond and uncovered something that is not supposed to exist. Foodie. Hungry Foodie! It...
Fettucine Crab from Dinos

Fettucine Crab $15 @ Dino

Holy nomtucine!! It was like eating a cloud, just so soft and light. Might be my new favorite Alfredo pasta in town. Cream and butter combined with flat thick noodles. Great combination. Many places over do it with cream and butter to the point you can't taste...
Carbonara Pasta from Vapiano

Carbonara Pasta $11 @ Vapiano

Holy Mother Unicorn!!!!!! This is the most amazing pasta I've ever tried. It was like an explosion of pasta goodness in my mouth. I fell in love with the delicies creamy sauce and parmasen. They achieved perfect balance without making it too greasy or cheesy s...
Tagliolini Fatti Seafood Pasta from Il Bagatto

Tagliolini Seafood Pasta $18 @ Il Bagatto

Explosion of color noming. Got to get some amazing Italian pasta in new York City. That is a dish with one of the longest names ever, Tagliolini Fatti In Casa Sapore Di Mare. That is a mouthful. Most pastas we eat have excessive amount of tomato sauce that ove...
Polenta Pasta from Graffiato

Polenta Pasta $10 @ Graffiato

Does ground maize polenta counts as pasta? Great spicy meatballs dish with soft egg. Polenta makes for a very strange and not pasta like texture. Excellent dish of super nomnom. Enjoyed the sunny side up gooey egg on top. Pop it and make sure to enjoy a little...
Cajun Shrimp Alfredo from Dave & Buster's

Cajun Shrimp Alfredo @ Dave & Buster’s (CLOSED)

Was surprised by how #nomnom delishesness. Large shrimp sautéed with creole spices, tomatoes and ginormouse mushrooms in Cajun Alfredo sauce over linguine. Know what Cajun means? This can be ordered as part of Game Combo so you pay $15 for the dish and get $10...