Masa Breakfast Pizza Tapas $7 @ MASA 14 on U St in DC

The Joy of Personal Breakfast Pizza @ MASA 14

Unleash the joy of your very own Masa Breakfast Pizza from Masa 14, Asian Latin Fusion restaurant on U St in DC with one of the best-unlimited brunches in town. Who doesn't want to start their day with an excellent breakfast pizza? Holy pizza there is sunny si...
Truffled Mac n Cheese Pizza $17 @ Mad Fox Brewing Falls Church

Truffled Mac n Cheese Pizza $17 @ Mad Fox Brewing Falls Church

Get your mind and taste buds blown away with Truffled Mac n Cheese Pizza from the masters of brewing at Mad Fox Brewing, DC's Virginia suburb. HOLY Mac n Cheeseeee this is fantastic pizza! It combines three of our most favorite things, Mac n Cheese, Bacon and ...
Long Board Pizza from Farmers Fishers Bakers

Long Board Pizza @ Farmers Fishers Bakers

Get on board with some brunch pizza. First bite in and second later it was all gone. tells you just how food this was. Might have gone back for a second slice from all you can eat brunch. Love all the bruschetta with feta cheese goodness. Even with a little bi...
Quattro Formaggi from Pizza No17

Quattro Formaggi Pizza $16 @ Pizza No 17

Cheese all over my meat. I wanted lots of cheese and lots of meat. So we went with large 4 cheese pizza (Fresh Mozzarella, Fontina, Pecorino, Goat Cheese) and added all the meaty things we could. Oh yea it was gooey meaty goodness. If you love cheese you know ...
Cheese Pizza from Jumbo Slice Kouzina Angelinas

Cheese Pizza @ Jumbo Slice Kouzina Angelina’s

late night eats, I love Angelina! She is extremely friendly and will always greet you with a smile and a hug. Every time I see her she greets me "ITS BORIS" yell and gives me a hug. You know that is love! There is just something about pizza after a night of cl...
Bacon Honey Pizza $15 @ Lia's by Chef Geoff in Friendship Heights

This Honey Pizza is Sweeter Than My Date @ Lia’s by Chef Geoff

Honey, honey. Bacon, bacon. Now, this is a song you want to sing while enjoying Bacon Wednesday with Bacon Honey Pizza $15 from Lia's Chef Geoff in Friendship Heights, DC's upscale shopping neighborhood. Every Wednesday is bacon day in most Chef Geoff restaura...
Raging Cajun from Naked Pizza

Raging’ Cajun Pizza @ Naked Pizza

Its all the gluten-free rage! I really enjoyed this thing pizza. I'm not sure I really tasted sausage in there, but chicken was so good that I didn't really cared hehe. We actually got this half white and red, but I think white half was much better, you could ...
Pizza Capricciosa from Rita Italian Cafe

Pizza Capricciosa $9 @ Rita Italian Cafe (CLOSED)

All your pizza belongs to me. Why yes I would like my very own personal pizza! Very speedy place that will have your order ready, good choice when you working in the area. Great small thing crust pizza for one or to share with friends. I ate the whole thing. N...
Oven Dried Tomato Pizza from Matchbox Rockville

Oven-Dried Tomato Pizza $13 @ Matchbox Rockville

Pretty good pizza, it doesn't have anything overly exciting in it, but still enjoyable. I liked the mix of zesty tomato sauce and fresh buffalo mozzarella. What is buffalo mozzarella though? www.matchboxrockville.com ...
Habanero Carnitas Pizza from California Pizza Kitchen

Habanero Carnitas Pizza @ California Pizza Kitchen

I'm a big fan of pulled pork, but not so much of this take on it (2/5 NOMs). It seemed bland, and pulled pork was missing most of its flavor. It comes with SPICY habanero salsa, but that was very weak as well. Weak even by my white boy standards. I was sad si...
Meatzza All Meat Pie Pizza from Armand's

Meatzza All Meat Pie Pizza @ Armand’s

MEAT MEAT MEAT! You can never go wrong with nice thick meat pizza. There sure was a lot of sausage there. www.armandspizza.com ...
Whitestone Pizza from Flippin Pizza

Whitestone Pizza $18 @ Flippin Pizza

Trust me, it's worth the money! Love all the cheesiness here. It's so big that 3 of us barely finished half of it. Comes with Fresh Garlic, Ricotta, Basil, Mozzarella and Parmesan. www.flippinpizza.com ...