Rainbow in every bite with Fruity Beet Salad

Enjoy a rainbow in every bite with Rainbow Beet Salad from Marvin on U Street, DC's nightlife neighborhood. Ah, it sure is bright and happy a like a rainbow. What makes it better then a rainbow is that it will keep you from going hungry. It combines the nomnom...
Black Kale Salad @ Mcginty's in Down Town Silver Spring, Maryland

Black Kale Salad @ McGinty’s in Down Town Silver Spring, Maryland

Serve up a healthy brunch with Black Kale Salad from McGinty's an Irish pub in Down Town Silver Spring, Maryland. This is quite a unique and fun salad for a place that is just a pub, don't let that fool you they serve up some of the best dishes in the neighbor...
Peach and Goat Cheese Salad $9 @ SweetGreen in Silver Spring

Lets Get Peachy with our Lunch @ SweetGreen

Unleash the peach in you with a healthy Peach and Goat Cheese Salad from SweetGreen, the local salad shop in Down Town Silver Spring, DC's suburb. One of our favorite salad places in addition to a nice menu has three new limited time salads. Perfect salad for ...
Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl @ Poke Poke Venice Beach California

Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl @ Poke Poke Venice Beach California

Lay on the beach and enjoy Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl from Poke Poke hole in the wall place in Venice Beach, a beachfront neighborhood in Los Angeles. Its literary a hole in the wall, window they serve food from, and probably one of the unique dishes we have ever ta...
Caesar Salad $12 @ Zero Zero San Francisco

Caesar Salad $12 @ Zero Zero San Francisco

Proclaim your allegiance to your Caesar with anchovies in your salad from a fun two stories bar-restaurant in SoMa, a San Francisco city neighborhood. Figure, we would start with something nice and straightforward. It turns out, and it's far from a simple sala...
Tea Leaf Salad @ Mingalaba San Francisco

Tea Leaf Salad @ Mingalaba San Francisco

Tea is not just for drinking, especially when its crunchy salad form from a tasty Burmese restaurant in Burlingame, a San Francisco suburb. Does this defiantly win on the weird level with Tea Leaf Salad? It almost feels like I should add some hot water to it. ...
Strawberry Toasted Almonds Salad @ Ruth's Chris Bethesda

Strawberry Toasted Almonds Salad @ Ruth’s Chris Bethesda

Get some veggies in you before steak in one of the best steakhouses in Bethesda, DC suburb neighborhood. It's not just the steak they know how to make, but salads as well. Great combination of strawberries and blue cheese. Two strong flavors play very well tog...
Sweet & Tangy Calamari Salad from Matchbox Rockville

Sweet & Tangy Calamari Salad $12 @ Matchbox Rockville

Making healthier choices for lunch in Rockville, one of DC metro suburbs. This was a right choice to satisfy our craving something light and healthy. It maybe a salad, but its all about the crispy calamari. It looked as if they packed a whole bag of calamari i...
Cobb Salad from Matchbox

Cobb Salad $13 @ Matchbox in Rockville, Maryland

Try out a new take on a healthy lunch with Cobb Salad from Matchbox, New American restaurant in Rockville, DC's large suburb. I'm all cobb with prosciutto on my salad. Not just another cobb salad, but with a unique touch that Matchbox brings to every dish. Oh ...
Winter Green Salad from KitchenCray

Winter Green Salad @ KitchenCray a Custom Food Experience in DC

Jump into the green. Its a mix salad goodness with sweet dressing and berries. Good way to start your noming adventure before main course. Dressing was very light and not over done so you can still taste the salad flavor with nice sweet hint from the dressing....
Crispy Goat Cheese from Cafe Deluxe Gaithersburg

Crispy Goat Cheese $9 @ Cafe Deluxe Gaithersburg

Whaa we eating a salad? Crazy world, but it does happen sometimes. Its time to try some very light and healthy sounding. Very light fresh mixed veggie salad with cherries and corns nuts. LOL NUTS! Just love the slightly fried crispy goat cheese thignies. Waite...
Roasted Turkey Cobb Salad from Trio

Double Protean, Double the Meat Salad for Gay Boys @ Trio in Dupont

Time to add some greens to your diet with a whole lot of meat with Roasted Turkey Cobb Salad from Trio Restaurant in DuPot, the fabulous gay neighborhood. Can't have greens without the best part like bacon, roasted turkey and eggs. This is pretty much 50% gree...