Crouching Tiger Hidden Noodle Soup $11 @ NaiNai's Silver Spring

Crouching Tiger Hidden Noodle Soup @ NaiNai’s Silver Spring (CLOSED)

Warm yourself up on a cold day with a nice big bowl of pork noodle soup from brand new noodle and dumpling bar in Down Town Silver Spring, DC foodie suburb. It wasn't easy to pick out of so many different noodle soups on their menu. It all came down to the mos...
Butternut Squash Soup $6 @ Founding Farmers Rockville

Butternut Squash Soup $6 @ Founding Farmers Rockville

Keep yourself warm and fuzzy with a nice bowl of Butternut Squash Soup from our favorite Founding Farmers in Rockville, DC's large suburbs. Made us feel all squishy on the inside. Get a spoonful of this extremely nomnom butternut squash soup. Seasoned to perfe...
Shoyu Ramen from Daikaya

Shoyu Ramen $12 @ Daikaya

Defeat the polar vortex with power of ramen. Nothing can beat a nice big bowl of hot noodle soup on these cold days. Love the beautiful presentation and all the colors. What sets this apart from other places is their careful attention to the art of ramen. Soup...
P1 Pho Dac Biet from Pho Eatery

Pho Dac Biet $8 @ Pho Eatery

Its getting a bit cold out, time to pho'arm up. All the meat and veggie things were pretty standard what you see in most pho places. What really makes the pho is a broth. Like every human has different finger print, every pho has their own flavor. This beef br...
Pumpkin Soup from Sushi Jin

Pumpkin Soup $5 @ Sushi Jin in Down Town Silver Spring

Join the fall season pumpkin craze with Pumpkin Soup from Sushi Kin, a great Japanese sushi restaurant in Down Town Silver Spring, DC's city suburb. Too pretty to eat. Ever thought of soup with fall flavor? Mhhh pumpkiny ginger flavor with a little kick. It go...
Hot and Sour Soup $2 @ Gloria Maris in Manila Philippines

Hot and Sour Soup $2 @ Gloria Maris in Manila Philippines

Unleash the power of Filipino FIREEEEE with Hot and Sour Soup from Gloria Maris, a dim sum restaurant next to Green Hills mall in Manila Philippines. We are exploring the amazing world of the dim sum after some crazy shopping in Green Hills. That is a soup wit...
Halaan Soup from Romulo Cafe Manila Philippines

Halaan Soup $4 @ Romulo Cafe in Makati Philippines

Start your upscale Filipino nomnom adventure with very light Halaan Soup from Romulo Cafe in Makati, Manila suburb Philippines. Its clamoring time on our trip. Cup is so tiny and cute. This very light flavor broth with fresh clams is a great way to start your ...
Seafood Bisque Bowl from Crisfield Seafood

Seafood Bisque Bowl $7 @ Crisfield Seafood

Time for some seafood soupiness. I don't usually order seafood bisque soup so I don't have as much to compare it to. It was creamy sauce which is not a bad thing. All the seafoodiness kind of mixed together and didn't taste like anything and all I tasted was t...
Pho Bo from Hanoi House

Pho Bo $9 @ Hanoi House on U Street in Washington DC

Pho-ing around. New pho place in town and we just had to check it out. Broth tasted a bit weak and needed more flavor. Nothing in comparison to Pho 75's broth. I wanted to try all their meats and order all the extras they had. I was expecting it would just be ...
Kimchie Ramen from Toki Undergroud

Kimchi Ramen $10 @ Toki Underground on H Street in Washington DC

Get ramening! I really enjoyed the kimchi spicy part of this ramen. It wasn't too much and did not overpower everything else in there. So much meat. I was shocked with how much stuff we got in there. Many places tend to cheap out on the meat and just give you ...
Chesapeake Crab Gazpacho Soup from Kettle Hill

Chesapeake Crab Gazpacho Soup $6 @ Kettle Hill (CLOSED)

Awww cute soup. Not sure why, but we got this for free as compliments of the kitchen. YAY! It comes in a small adorable cup that I kind of wanted to take home with me Very creamy soup with bits of bacon. Bacon? YAY BACON! This place sure does love their bacon...
Pho from Pho Nom Nom

Pho @ Pho Nom Nom

NOM NOM! How can you not go to a place that has nom nom in it. We really enjoyed this Vietnamese soup P6 with good broth and meats. It was good, but still not as good as Pho75, it felt like it was missing something. There is space for improvement and I will be...