Adams Morgan

Bibim Bap from Muzette

Bibim Bap $12 @ Muzette Karaoke in Adams Morgan DC

Lets sing a song and eat some Korean food like Bibim Bap from Muzette Karaoke, an authentic Asian Karaoke place with some tasty food in Adams Morgan, DC. Its the multi layer of nomnom goodness. I just love the super runny sunny side up egg on top of veggies, b...
Falafel Sandwich from Amsterdam Falafelshop

Falafel Sandwich $6 @ Amsterdam Falafelshop

Welcome to the land of making your own falafel sandwich. I think its a great idea to have people design their own. Plus you can go back and refill on toppings while eating. So pretty much unlimited toppings. Great for after clubbing or bar hopping late night s...
Steak from Russia House

Steak $30 @ Russia House

Mama we going home! As soon as they brought it out I wanted to ask where is the rest of my steak. Everything else seems so much bigger. It was pretty juicy and soft with a nice sauce. Flavor wise it just taste like something was missing. Especially when I'm pa...