Corned Beef @ Carving Room at Taste of DC

Corned Beef @ Carving Room at Taste of DC

Carve up all my beef for lunch from this unique DC kitchen bar at Taste of DC 2014, this year's biggest foodie event. First look and this is one very beautiful sandwich, sure like those beefy curves. I just want to carve it all up with my mouth. Its all about ...
Gyoza Dumplings from Daikaya

Gyoza Dumplings $6 @ Daikaya in Chinatown, DC

Pair your ramen with some Gyoza Dumplings from Daikaya, a new Japanese ramen place in Chinatown DC. Dumplings make for a great starter dish. 5 lightly pan fried dumplings, soft crunch on the outside with pork and cabbage filling on the inside. You get a lot fo...
Shoyu Ramen from Daikaya

Shoyu Ramen $12 @ Daikaya

Defeat the polar vortex with power of ramen. Nothing can beat a nice big bowl of hot noodle soup on these cold days. Love the beautiful presentation and all the colors. What sets this apart from other places is their careful attention to the art of ramen. Soup...
Home Made Fried Noodles from Chinatown Express

Home Made Fried Noodles $7 @ Chinatown Express

Love me some fried noodle goodness. That was lots of meaty pork goodness in there few veggies and of course home made long noodles. Sometimes portions are either too big or too small, but this was a perfect portion size. I got to come back for more goodies. I ...
Cortez Cobb from Chop't

Cortez Cobb @ Chop’t

Mhhh healthy salad nomnom. I'm a big fan of their Boris size portion with nomnom ingredients. Careful with that Tapatio Ranch. It starts with a little hint of spice and then BANG, and you are drinking 4 cups of water trying to put out the hotness. Everything s...
F Street Club from Amorini Panini

F Street Club Panini $8 @ Amorini Panini

Its a meat party. Holy hot panini how much meat did they pack into this thing? All I see is the layer of meaty goodness, perfect on a cold day; honey turkey, top round roast beef, hard salami, and apple smoked bacon. OH yea all the bets meats nicely packed wit...
Carbonara Pasta from Vapiano

Carbonara Pasta $11 @ Vapiano

Holy Mother Unicorn!!!!!! This is the most amazing pasta I've ever tried. It was like an explosion of pasta goodness in my mouth. I fell in love with the delicies creamy sauce and parmasen. They achieved perfect balance without making it too greasy or cheesy s...
Trout Parmesan from Clyde's Chinatown

Trout Parmesan $19 @ Clyde’s Chinatown

Swim in hollandaise sea. It has hollandaise sauce on it!! How can you not order that. Place know for their burgers, but I just had to try something new. This is one dam good fish! Lightly breaded and flash fried with parmesan with mash potatoes. Asparagus was ...
Palm Beach Shrimp Salad from Chop't

Palm Beach Shrimp Salad $10 @ Chop’t

Chop me up and add some smoky bacon russian all over me!!! Now that's a salad I can eat more often. Filled me up fast which is unusual for salads from here. I did ask them to add some bacon into it. BACON! combined with Smoky Bacon Russian dressing, it was sup...
Pinot Gris Wine from Graffiato

Pinot Gris Wine $8 @ Graffiato

Feel the power of the glowy. Flash made this pic very cool. My wine skills are not as developed, so I thought it was a bit too dry for me. I prefer sweeter girly wines. www.graffiatodc.com ...
Assorted Ham from Graffiato

Assorted Ham $18 @ Graffiato

Got ham? Usually don't pay that much for so little ham. I like giant Boris size ham pieces!! You get some nice meaty things from around the country Olli Speck ham from Virginia, Biellese Culatello ham from New York and Benton’s Smoked Country ham Tennessee. Wh...