Cleveland Park

Dr Joe’s Duck Fegatini from Dino

Dr Joe’s Duck Fegatini $7 @ Dino

Just what the doctor ordered for dinner. It's just a kick you need to start your noming adventure. Gret Tuscan duck spread served with super soft doughy crostini Italian toast. www.dino-dc.com ...
Fajitas al Carbon from Cactus Cantina

Our Favorite Fajitas in Town @ Cactus Cantina in Cathedral Heights

OMG get ready to get flavor pounded by Fajitas al Carbon from Cactus Cantina in Cathedral Heights in Washington DC. Don't be scared by the price, we picked fajitas for two. Could have fed three people! Go double with two kinds of meats, beef and chicken is a c...
Risotto Balls from Chef Geoff

Gouda Stuffed Risotto Balls $10 @ Chef Geoff’s

Start with some might cheesy balls. Nothing can beat the nomnom goodness of deep fried breaded cheese balls. We might be saying balls a lot in this review I love the crispy crunch shell with nice soft bread and gooey cheesiness on the inside. These are heavy ...
Mac n Cheese from Chef-Geoff

You had Me at Bacon Mac n Cheese @ Chef Geoff’s in Cathedral Heights

Its all about that cheese when it comes to Bacon Mac n Cheese from Chef Geoff's restaurant in Cathedral Heights, DC neighborhood with National Cathedral. Insert all that cheese into my veins! They know a way into my foodie's heart, aka tummy. Combine my two fa...
Deconstructed Lasagnette $20 from Dino

Deconstructed Lasagnette $20 @ Dino

Is it broken? Pork, Bacon and Veal Ragu? Hell Yea!! That's some good and weird lasagna. I was told recipe is slightly altered every day to add surprise and delight for regulars. www.dino-dc.com ...