Dupont Circle

Chicken Momo Dumplings $7 @ Le Mirch Dupont Circle

Chicken Momo Dumplings $7 @ Le Mirch Dupont Circle

Its all about that sauce on your fusion adventure with Nepalese dumplings appetizers from this unique Indian, Nepalese and French fusion restaurant in Dupont Circle, DC's rainbow happy neighborhood. It is exciting to try our very first traditional Nepalese fas...
Rogan Josh Lamb Stew $16 @ Le Mirch Dupont Circle

Rogan Josh Lamb Stew $16 @ Le Mirch Dupont Circle

Three worlds of flavor come together in one dinner lamb stew dish from this unique Indian, Nepalese, and French fusion restaurant in Dupont Circle, DC's rainbow happy neighborhood. Get ready to try Indian cousin with a new twist to it. This is one strong dish ...
BLT Grilled Chicken Burrito @ Well Dressed Burrito

Unleash the Ulimate Lunch Burrito @ Well Dressed Burrito in DuPont

It's lunchtime with BLT Grilled Chicken Burrito at a popular and hidden burrito place in DuPont Circle, DC neighborhood. When I say dark, I mean you might have to look for a bit to find it. It's hard to find this small door located on the side of a building in...
Meatballs Rice Bowl @ ShopHouse

Anything Goes with Build Your Own Bowl @ ShopHouse (CLOSED)

Its build your anything goes bowl with Meatballs Rice Bowl from ShopHouse a new lunch spot in Dupont Circle, DC. It's so fun creating your very own custom bowl, its all about what you put in it and how well it compliments other toppings. There are a lot of cho...
Fried Ice Cream @ Alero

OMG its Fried Ice Cream NOMING @ Alero Restaurant

Let's get frycream with some fried ice cream from Alero a Mexican restaurant in DuPont Circle neighborhood of Washington DC. Exploring some deep fried desserts from a Mexican restaurant in Dupont Circle, DC a foodie neighborhood. Oh, yea now that's the way to ...
Roti Canai from Malaysia Kopitiam

Roti Canai Appetizer @ Malaysia Kopitiam

This is the roti flatbread you are looking for and tasting some Indian influenced Malaysian appetizers in Dupont Circle, DC. It's unlike any other flatbread you will ever try. Super thin and light, roti is more like a crepe. The flavor is very surprising, its ...
Sticky Rice from Malaysia Kopitiam

Sticky Rice @ Malaysia Kopitiam

I can't get out of this sticky situation. We are exploring some fun sticky rice dessert around Dupont Circle, DC neighborhood. It's not just good old sticky rice we've had so many times, no it's so much more. First, it's a beautiful presentation. It's not just...
Tendie Lunchbox from GBD

Tendie Lunchbox $ 8 @ GBD

Mom packed my lunchbox full of chicken like a Lunch Box in Dupont, DC. So hot lunch full of chicken and other goodies, can't say no to that. Comes with three medium-size thick pieces of lightly crispy chicken tenders. Didn't really feel like eating with my ha...
Malaysia Fried Rice from Malaysia Kopitiam? Dupont Circle DC

Malaysia Fried Rice @ Malaysia Kopitiam

You can fry me any time when it comes to this fantastic fried rice at a tasty Malaysian restaurant in DC. That is a pile of rice and a whole lot of other things. Lots are packed into this bowl. With the first bite, we just fell in love with this fried rice. Th...
Bulgogi Bibimbap @ Triple B Fresh

Bulgogi Bibimbap $10 @ Triple B Fresh

Let's go bulgogi all over our bibimbap! Excited to try a new Chipotle-style lunch place dedicated to making Bibimbap rice dish any way we want. Its build your bowl any way you want. You get a choice of classic or create your own. We are lazy today and going wi...
Roasted Turkey Cobb Salad from Trio

Double Protean, Double the Meat Salad for Gay Boys @ Trio in Dupont

Time to add some greens to your diet with a whole lot of meat with Roasted Turkey Cobb Salad from Trio Restaurant in DuPot, the fabulous gay neighborhood. Can't have greens without the best part like bacon, roasted turkey and eggs. This is pretty much 50% gree...
Keema Dosa from Heritage India

Keema Dosa $13 @ Heritage India

What in the world did I just ordered! There is a new restaurant in town and they are serving up some fun new southern India dishes. First time trying this boris size giant crispy rice crepe, Dosa, rolled into a cone and filled with some yummy spicy lamb. My fi...