Dupont Circle

Crabcake Entrees from Level One Cobalt

Crabcake Entree $28 @ Level One Cobalt in Dupont Circle Washington DC

Explore what a gay neighborhood has to offer with Crabcake Entree from Level One Cobalt a club/restaurant in Dupont Circle, DC's rainbow neighborhood. We just wanna crab cake, like everybody else. Brand new menu alert! I thought crab cake could have more flavo...
Dupont Poutine Fries from Bar Dupont

Dupont Poutine Fries $9 @ Bar Dupont in Dupont Circle

We are going all Canadian for our happy hour with a perfect dish for drinking the Dupont Poutine Fries from Bar Dupont in Dupont Circle, DC's rainbow neighborhood. Holy fries, I'm not sure what is going on here, but this fantastic! Our very first time is tryin...
Mimosas from Tabard Inn

Brunch Mimosas @ Tabard Inn

It might not be Dornish, but it does the trick. What brunch can go without some sparkling mimosas? I really like how more fruity juicy it is then champagne. I'm usually not a fan of champagne, but this was very tasty. Great choice for your brunching adventure....
Poached Eggs from Tabard Inn

Poached Eggs $15 @ Tabard Inn

I'm usually not a big fan of grits, but these cheese grits were not too bad. The cheesiness combined with red eye gravy covered the normal grit taste that I tent to dislike. Fried oysters were very crunchy, but lacked in flavor. Oh but pork belly was super del...
Fried Donuts from Tabard Inn

Fried Donuts $3 @ Tabard Inn

By the power of Fluffyskul this is amazing! You haven't tasted donuts until you've tried this. I thought donuts are donuts everywhere, but they've proven me wrong. Perfect flavor and texture with perfect cinnamon sugar goodness on top. You just have to savor e...
Eggs Benedict House Smoked Salmon from Tabard Inn

Eggs Benedict House Smoked Salmon $15 @ Tabard Inn

Its like brunch with Mr Cumberbatch. Oh yea, can never have brunch without some very yummy Eggs Benedict. We happy to add this to our list DC nomnoms. Everything came together to make our tummies happy. Salmon was very smokiery delicious. Went so great with th...
Turkey Burger from Madhatter

Turkey Burger @ Madhatter

Bring on the turkey burger goodness. I don't usually order turkey burgers, but I felt I should change that up. This was a solid burger and good menu choice. Of course like any burger I added fried egg on top! You simply can't have a a burger without one. It wa...
Pecan Cup from Madhatter

Pecan Cup @ Madhatter

I been craving pecan pie for month, but sadly they are not in season yet (or so was I told, booo). So as soon as I saw this on the menu, I knew regardless how over stuffed my tummy felt, I'm getting me some PECAN PIE! Oh my this was excellent. My mouth was exp...
SmockShack Burger from Shake Shack Dupont

SmockShack Burger $9 @ Shake Shack Dupont

It didn't shake enough. If I'm not sure about a dish I will try it a few times before final posting. After multiple visits I still can't figure out why this place is so popular and have a burger I like. I didn't really taste anything so special about this burg...
Quattro Formaggi from Pizza No17

Quattro Formaggi Pizza $16 @ Pizza No 17

Cheese all over my meat. I wanted lots of cheese and lots of meat. So we went with large 4 cheese pizza (Fresh Mozzarella, Fontina, Pecorino, Goat Cheese) and added all the meaty things we could. Oh yea it was gooey meaty goodness. If you love cheese you know ...
Frozen Yogurt from Mr Yogato

Frozen Yogurt $5 @ Mr Yogato

Its all about the froyo. I do enjoy the craz of frozen yogurt we going through DC. Now this is a fun place to visit. You can play different weird trivia games to get discounts. Or let them stamp your forehead and get a discount. I was too lazy to think so went...
Assorted Cupcakes from Hello Cupcake

Assorted Cupcakes @ Hello Cupcake

Making new tasty friends!! Sure lots of new friends, too bad we got to EAT them all. We got them to pack us with You Tart!, Peppermint Penny, Prima Donna, Dulce De Leche, Pumpkin Spice, 24 Carrot, Gianduja, Heart of Darkness, Peanut Butter Blossom and Triple C...