Dupont Circle

Shack Stack burger from Shake Shack

Shack Stack burger $9 @ Shake Shack

Giant slab of deep fried portobello. How can hungry nomster pass this up. With such an awesome description, our exceptions were hight. Sadly I wasn't impressed at all. Concept was cool, mix shroom burger and cheeseburger with ton of mushrooms. I don't know, I ...
Cheese Fries from Shake Shack

Cheese Fries $4 @ Shake Shack

To cheese or not to cheese? In this case, to cheese is the answer.Solid fries, but they need a lot more cheese. MORE CHEESE!! www.shakeshack.com ...
Jalapeño Poppers from Annie's

Jalapeño Poppers @ Annie’s

This jalapeño poped me! Excellent appetizer with all those drinks we had at DC Gay Pride. Bready goodness with cheesy gooey things. Look out for a hot bam, first bite in and you will feel the burn. Burn so good! What do you nom on with drinks? www.anniesdc....
Coconut Dream from Annie's

Coconut Dream @ Annie’s

Coconut my head! One of the best mix drinks. So much coconutined in there! www.anniesdc.com ...
Frontega Chicken Panini from Panera

Frontega Chicken Panini @ Panera Bread Dupont

Recommended by a friend. She said "Can't tell you whats in it, but it's whole lot of goodness." She was right! Excellent order and recommend it to everyone. Crunchy panini with nice soft mixture of veggies and chicken with super nomnom chipotle mayonnaise. Com...
Ruby Red Shoes Drink from Annie's

Ruby Red Shoes Drink @ Annie’s

Toto, I don't think we in Kansas anyone! Excellent drink with good taste and alcohol balance. Plus got to love the name. www.anniesdc.com ...
Shrimp & Lobster Enchiladas from Lauriol Plaza

Shrimp & Lobster Enchiladas $14 @ Lauriol Plaza

Encholada me crazy! Always on a hunt for some good enchiladas and these ones just blew my taste buds away. Some of the best enchiladas ever nomed. Not very authentic, but super delicious! Really fun place with drinks and food. Long wait, especially for big gro...
Fried Eggplant Sandwich $10 @ Urbana Dupont Circle

Fried Eggplant Sandwich $10 @ Urbana Dupont Circle

Upgrade your lunch to the next level with Fried Eggplant Sandwich from a unique fusion restaurant Urbana in Dupont Circle, DC's rainbow neighborhood. I would deep fry the world if it tasted like this eggplant. Who knew an eggplant could taste this good and shi...
Empanadas Combo #2 from Panas

Empanadas Combo #2 @ Panas Empanadas

I'm going all panas over empanadas. Welcome to the new world of empanadas! Great new place opened up in Dupont Circle. Its nomnom lunch or dinner snack. Can you see, there are letters on them for what they are! You can choose between different combo to get th...
Rabbit Stew from Bistro Du Coin

Rabbit Stew $18 @ Bistro Du Coin

My food went hippity hoppity. Is it evil to eat a super cute animal? lets just not think about it. You get a big and very tender rabbit leg, meat just falls off the bone. Prepared in super creamy mustard sauce with potatoes, carrots, onions, and mushrooms. Suc...
French Onion Soup from Bistrot Du Coin

Gratinee Des Halles $8 @ Bistrot Du Coin

In France, french is the way to go. Look at all that cheesy goodness, so much cheese its overflowing. With a nice meat broth and a whole tone of onions. There is more onions then the actually soupy stuff. You haven't had a french onion soup until you had this....
Boeuf Facon Bistrot from Bistrot Du Coi

Boeuf Facon Bistrot $19 @ Bistrot Du Coi

Best fries are french. Giant pieces of grilled beef with some veggies like bell peppers, tomatoes, red onions and zucchinis. Served with the side of what could be some of the bets french fries in town. Also comes with a side of salad and great dressing. Kind o...