Foggy Bottom

Putine Tots @ GCDC

OMG Gourmet Grilled Cheese Bar at GCDC

Enter the amazing and wonderful world of gourmet grilled cheese where diets and new year resolutions come to die, GCDC Bar near White House in Washington DC. OMG OMG OMG is really the only thing we kept saying as we were waiting for our table with pure excit...
Bulgogi Kimchi Quesadilla @ G Street Food

Bulgogi Kimchi Quesadilla @ G Street Food in McPerson Square, DC

Super fusion mode activate! Excited to try some unique quesadillas at this new Asian, Hispanic, American fusion lunch place in McPerson Square, DC. They came up with an ultimate fusion dish that combines the spiciness of homemade kimchi, meaty goodness of bulg...
Banh Mi @ G Street Food

Banh Mi Sandwich $9 @ G Street Food in McPerson Square, DC

You had me at first bite. Super excited to try Vietnamese sandwich at this new Asian, Hispanic, American fusion lunch place in McPherson Square, DC. Get ready to taste something like you've never tasted before. Such a unique sandwich that no wonder this is one...
Fried Mac & Cheese Bites from McFadden's

Fried Mac & Cheese Bites $7 @ McFadden’s Foggy Bottom

Because everything should be fried like these Fried Mac & Cheese Bites from McFadden's in Foggy Bottom, DC's night life neighborhood. Whoever came up with this bites idea is AWESOMEST! Yes of course we want our mac and cheese deep fried!!! Love the roasted gar...
Herb Crusted Prime Rib Steak from Founding Farmers

Herb Crusted Prime Rib $24 @ Founding Farmers

All hail the king of all steaks. My eye literary widened when I saw this. Look at how thick that giant chunk of meat is. This is one of the best steak's I've ever tasted. its so big that we couldn't finish it and we tried! You know its good when you forget to ...
Beignets from Founding Farmers

Beignets $8 @ Founding Farmers

Worth the wait. We had no room left for more food, but they really wanted to make us fat. Hard to resist freshly made beignets. Plus, this was my very first time trying this desert. Plus I never had beignets before. So I can't say no to that. You can really ta...
Lobster Mac & Cheese from Founding Farmers

Lobster Mac & Cheese $28 @ Founding Farmers

Super cheesy cheesiness. I was so excited to eat it that I used two forks. Welcome to Mac n Cheese heaven. Prepared just the way I like mine. Crunchy on top and cheesy gooey nomnom inside. I can't believe how much cheese is in there with big chunks of lobster....
Oven Roasted Cracked Black Pepper Wings from Founding Farmers

Oven Roasted Black Pepper Wings $9 @ Founding Farmers

Another super nomnom starter. I don't think I've ever tasted wings that good. Very soft on the inside a nice roasted on the outside with excellent soy glaze. You got to squeeze the lime. It makes a big difference in taste. Must try appetizer! www.wearefound...
Bacon Lolli from Founding Farmers

Bacon Lollipops Appetizer $9 @ Founding Farmers in Foggy Bottom DC

Order up an ultimate appetizer or even dessert that is Bacon Lollipops from our favorite Founding Farmers restaurants in Foggy Bottom, DC. HOLY GOD OF ALL BACON!!!!!!! This was simply the most amazing dish ever create! You know its good when no one is talks an...
Onion Rings from Burger Tap & Shake

Onion Rings $3 @ Burger Tap & Shake

Time to get a ring. It was weird, because they did not taste like your normal onion rings. Normally you would expect something like this to be the same everywhere. They were lighter, felt like there was less deep frying. Felt a bit dry, but not really a bad th...
Big Daddy Bacon Burger $8 @ Burger Tap & Shake Foggy Bottom

Big Daddy Bacon Burger $8 @ Burger Tap & Shake Foggy Bottom

You know you like big daddy, especially when its a Big Daddy Bacon Burger from a fun burger joint in Foggy Bottom, DC's neighborhood. Well, hello sexy daddy you sure have a very thick piece of bacon! This was one excellent burger we ordered based on a recommen...
Dallas Burger Crunchified from Bobby's Burger Palace

Dallas Burger Crunchified $8 @ Bobby’s Burger Palace

We are traveling to dallas. They deliver yet another great burger drenched in cheesy goodness, BBQ sauce and crunchefied on top. Love that I can crunchefy any burger for free. Things get weird with coleslaw on top. wwww.bobbysburgerpalace.com ...