Foggy Bottom

Pistachio Milkshake from Bobby's Burger Palace

Pistachio Milkshake $5 @ Bobby’s Burger Palace

I'm going pistachio on you!!! That is one pistachio flavor strong milkshake. So smooth and tasty. Only issue with it, it's not bottomless. Drank it too fast wwww.bobbysburgerpalace.com ...
Bobby Blue Burger from Bobby's Burger Palace

Bobby Blue Burger $8 @ Bobby’s Burger Palace

oh Bobby you bluefied. Simple and yet one if the best burgers! I just love how juicy the meat patty is just drenched in very strong and flavorful blue cheese. Bacon is always a must for any of my burgers. wwww.bobbysburgerpalace.com ...
LA Burger from Bobby's Burger Palace

LA Burger $8 @ Bobby’s Burger Palace

it's so beautiful!! Its nomnom avocado relish goodness burger. I crunched it up with some chips for no extra fee. Great burger, you should try it. www.bobbysburgerpalace.com ...
Devilish Eggs Combo from Founding Farmers

Devilish Eggs Combo $14 @ Founding Farmers

There is a devil in me. Or about to me ones I eat all of this. Going combo gets you to try different deviled eggs with salmon, lobster, crab meat and regular. There is so much lobster and crab meat, those things are overflowing. Not as much salmon and kind of ...
Lobster Mac n Cheese from Founding Farmers

Lobster Mac n Cheese $28 @ Founding Farmers

Beauty is in a bite of the dish. Such a beautiful dish, I feel sad disturbing the presentation. First bite in you could see the joy on my face. Its one of the most nomnom Macs in town. Its a perfect crunchy and gooey cheesy combination on one plate. Big chunks...