Georgetown the beautiful fashion district with tone of amazing food and hot colleges boys. Quite often they are running shirtless, so double the fun. Some by for some of the best food in town with anything from cupcakes to Asian and Mexican food.

Crunchy Tuna from Farmers Fishers Backers

Crunchy Tuna $12 @ Farmers Fishers Bakers

Roll withcrunchefyer! Oh yea that is a great way to start dinner. Its a bit pricy, but its worth it when it comes to good sushi. One of the crunchiest crunchy tuna rolls I've tried. Nice texture combined with high quality ingredients. Thats a winner roll in my...
Vegan Bacon Burger from Farmers Fishers Backers

Vegan Bacon Burger $12 @ Farmers Fishers Bakers

All hail the king! I think this should be renamed as King Vegan Bacon Burger! I was so surprised by the sheer size of this. Most meatless burgers are very slime and unimpressive. Got to fill up this meat lover! This redefined everything we know about fake meat...
Long Board Pizza from Farmers Fishers Bakers

Long Board Pizza @ Farmers Fishers Bakers

Get on board with some brunch pizza. First bite in and second later it was all gone. tells you just how food this was. Might have gone back for a second slice from all you can eat brunch. Love all the bruschetta with feta cheese goodness. Even with a little bi...
Fried Shrimp from Farmers Fishers Bakers

Fried Shrimp @ Farmers Fishers Bakers

crunchy goodness. That is one pretty long shrimpy at all your can eat brunch. I'm a fan of this crunchy full of flavors shrimp. Comes with a great dipping sauce that I started using on all other of my dishes. Might have asked for extra too. Can't go wrong with...
Soda from Farmers Fishers Bakers

Sodas @ Farmers Fishers Bakers

Not your store bought stuff. They make their own fun flavors sodas. they go above and beyond to create a unique noming experience. I really enjoyed exploring few different flavors they offer. Pineapple is my favorite so far. Can’t go wrong with this dish at th...
Brunch Sushi from Farmers Fishers Bakers

Brunch Sushi @ Farmers Fishers Bakers

all you can sushi at all you can eat brunch. As a big hungry sushi fan I couldn't pass on to try their different assorted sushi rolls. One by one waiters came out with trays of different rolls for us to try. It looked so good I didn't feel like I was cheating ...
Cinnamon Rolls from Farmers Fishers Bakers

Cinnamon Roll @ Farmers Fishers Bakers Georgetown

Holy gods of honey this is the most amazing cinnamon rolls in the world from one of the best restaurants in Georgetown, DC fashion neighborhood. Not sure what just happened, but I think my mouth went to heaven during all you can eat brunch buffet. This cinnamo...
Breakfast Burito from Farmers Fishers Bakers Brunch

Italian Sausage Breakfast Burrito @ Farmers Fishers Bakers

Got to an eggs station at brunch buffet and was told I can have any style breakfast burrito with my choice of meat. Oh yea! Lets start this party and have Italian Sausage Burrito with extra cheesy cheese and onions. I could barely finish that giant thing. You ...
Cheesy Dip from Farmers Fishers Bakers

Cheesy Dip @ Farmers Fishers Bakers

Makes me cheese all over. Great way to start your all you can eat brunch. At first glance I thought that was Mac n Cheese, so I just had to try it. Turns out, its a cheese dip. Hey when it taste this good who cares you got nomnom fooled. Its so good I can just...
Tacos from Farmers Fishers Bakers

Tacos @ Farmers Fishers Bakers

Look at super thickness of that taco shell. I think that is the thickest shell I've ever tried. Thick and crunch on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Comes with three meaty choices during all you can eat brunch. Can't go wrong with any one of them or maybe...
Thick Bacon from Farmers Fishers Bakers Brunch

Thick Bacon @ Farmers Fishers Bakers

All you can bacon! BACCCCON!!! We died and gone to heaven, because they have amazing super thick cut bacon. You know how much we love thick things. Nice meaty and fatty combination. I thought I was a fan of crunchy bacon, but this has made me a changed man. It...
Brunch Buffet from Farmers Fishers Bakers Brunch

Brunch Buffet $30 @ Farmers Fishers Bakers

A plateful of beauty. Very excited to be at Farmers Fishers Bakers for their very first sunday all you can eat brunch. Another mazing creation from our friends at Founding Farmers with their new restaurant in Georgetown. Very happy we got to stop by on their v...