Georgetown the beautiful fashion district with tone of amazing food and hot colleges boys. Quite often they are running shirtless, so double the fun. Some by for some of the best food in town with anything from cupcakes to Asian and Mexican food.

Bruleed Pink Grapefruit from Farmers Fishers Bakers Brunch

Bruléed Pink Grapefruit @ Farmers Fishers Bakers

Painting pink at all you can eat brunch. I had to try this after I chef use blow torch to melt sugar over grapefruit. Its on fire!!! Now thats a dish to impress. Ah love the nice thick layer of sugar with sour flavor of grapefruit. Reason why it lost a point i...
Eclair from Marvelous Market

Eclairs @ Marvelous Market

Not so marvelous. I like how over the top this eclair is filled. Bite in and cream just starts to come out. Sadly there wasn't much taste to this eclair. I was very sad since I been craving them for a while. Coffee wasn't that impressive either. www.marvelo...
Crispy Spring Rolls from Miss Saigon

Crispy Spring Rolls $5 @ Miss Saigon

These were some of the best spring rolls I've ever tried. Tasted great with the Nuoc Mam (fish sauce) and without it. www.ms-saigonus.com ...