Woodley Park

Big Valley Pizza from Open City

Big Valley Pizza $13 @ Open City

Time to go down a BBQ Chicken valley. First bite in and you you can really taste strong flavor of pulled BBQ chicken. Your taste buds might just get pulled. Even with strong flavor you can still taste everything else. Especially the extra cheesiness cheese. Ou...
Truck Patch Pork Belly & Asian Pear from Dino

Truck Patch Pork Belly & Asian Pear $12 @ Dino

Everything is great with bacon! We've put bacon on about anything, but yet to try pear. Love bacon, love pears, I think we are in for a taste collision of awesomeness. It's an interesting sweet peach flavor with smokey bacony. Look how thick that bacon goodnes...
Burrata from Dino

Burrata $12 @ Dino

Come with me if you want to cheese! Bufala is one of strangest nomnom cheese appetizer we've tried. It was bizarre because it's hard on the outside and creamy on the inside. First, I wanted to poke it with my knife. At first, my taste buds were confused and th...
Fettucine Crab from Dinos

Fettucine Crab $15 @ Dino

Holy nomtucine!! It was like eating a cloud, just so soft and light. Might be my new favorite Alfredo pasta in town. Cream and butter combined with flat thick noodles. Great combination. Many places over do it with cream and butter to the point you can't taste...
Dulce de Leche & Cheescake Frozenyo

Dulce de Leche & Cheesecake @ Frozenyo Zoo

After a fun day at the zoo we stopped by for some nomnom cold. I always get two froyo flavors with lots of chocolate candy goodies on top. Combining these two flours I created the ultimate caramelized cheesecake! You can never go wrong with extra chocolaty thi...
Grilled Salmon Sandwich from Open City

Grilled Salmon Sandwich $11 @ Open City

You asked for more DC, so here is dcnomdwich. Pretty good, I liked the cucumber and onion mix. It was very light and enjoyable. Comes with with Fries, pickled onion, Grilled Salmon, cucumber and dill aioli. I did add bacon cause i was craving some. Really, whe...