Hungry Adventure at Emporiyum Food Market in Baltimore

Our Favorites from Hungry Adventure at The Emporiyum Food Market Event

YUMMY YUMMY in my tummy! Say hello to one of the unique events in the area, The EmporiYUM. You should write it with capital YUM because of all the food in there. This a food market filled with a dozen of different vendors and restaurants from DC and around the...
Rib Rito Burrito from Rito Loco Truck Baltimore

Rib Rito Burrito $8 @ Rito Loco Truck

Oh yea pulled baby back rib burrito! Time for some Boris size burritos at the Gathering DC vs Baltimore Food Trucks Competition. That thing is pretty massive piece of meaty goodness. Watch out, it has a nice little kick. Not too much spice, just enough to make...
Grill Cheese from Wheyich Food Truck Baltimore

Grill Cheese @ Wheyich Food Truck (CLOSED)

Say hello to monster cheese! Exploring more crazy nomnoms at the Gathering 2013 DC vs Baltimore Food Truck Competition. It might just eat you up if you don't watch out. I love how much cheesy goodness is in there. That is one gooey grill cheese. You just have ...
Caramel Glazed Bacon Donut $3 @ Gypsy Queen Food Truck in Baltimore

Rule like a Queen with Bacon Donut @ Gypsy Queen Food Truck

All bow down to the queen of all bacon things the Caramel Glazed Bacon Donut for $3 from Gypsy Queen Food Truck in Baltimore, a city not too far from DC. HOLY BACON GODS!!!! Hands down one of our most favorite dishes during Gathering 2013 DC vs. Baltimore Food...
Fried Avocado & Chicken Tacos from El Cuervo Truck Baltimore

Fried Avocado & Chicken Tacos $5 @ El Cuervo Truck

You can never go wrong with some very nomnom tacos Baltimore style. Its all about the weird off the truck food at Gathering DC vs Baltimore Food Trucks. Fried Avocado was amazing!! It was like a strange mix of avocado sweet goodness all fried. Each taco comes ...
Chesapeake Crab Gazpacho Soup from Kettle Hill

Chesapeake Crab Gazpacho Soup $6 @ Kettle Hill (CLOSED)

Awww cute soup. Not sure why, but we got this for free as compliments of the kitchen. YAY! It comes in a small adorable cup that I kind of wanted to take home with me Very creamy soup with bits of bacon. Bacon? YAY BACON! This place sure does love their bacon...
Bison Beef & Applewood Bacon Meatloaf from Kettle Hill

Bison, Beef & Applewood Bacon Meatloaf $16 @ Kettle Hill (CLOSED)

What is not bacon? As soon as waiter told me about bacon wrapped meatloaf I knew I have to order it. Since you, I LOVE BACON! Awesome presentation with delicies buttermilk mash potatoes. Meat loaf was pretty good, but didn't have enough flavor. I thought it wo...
Meatloaf Sandwich from Papermoon Diner

Meatloaf Sandwich $13 @ Papermoon Diner

Well hello, sexy monsratosy. Holy moly that thing is so big!!!! At first, couldn't even tell if there was another bread patty hiding underneath. I love the amazing flavor explosion of everything in there. Look how much stuff they packed in there. It comes with...
Chocolate Bacon Milkshake from Papermoon Diner

Chocolate Bacon Milkshake $6 @ Papermoon Diner in Baltimore

My milkshake brings all bacon yard with this Chocolate Bacon Milkshake from our favorite artsy Papermoon Diner in Baltimore, the city not too far from DC. Bacon Milkshake? Yea, why I haven't gotten refills of it already! I have to order anything and everything...
Doner Platter from Cazbar on the Go Food Truck

Doner Platter $8 @ Cazbar Food Truck

Time for some turkish nomnoms lamb. Very soft and flavorful meat with some great rice and veggies. Great nom stop representing Baltimore in Baltimore vs Washington DC @ The Gathering. www.cazbar.pro / Facebook / Twitter / www.yelp.com/biz/cazbar-food-truck-...
Maple Glazed Bacon Donut from Gypsy Queen Cafe

Maple Glazed Bacon Donut $3 @ Gypsy Queen Cafe Truck

You read right, its a maple glaed bacon donut. Crazy bacon excitement at Gathering 2012 DC vs Baltimore Food Trucks Competition. Our bacon radar picked it up right away. If you get a chance you should really try this. One of the best donuts I've ever tasted! h...
Hawaiian Shave Ice from Hula Honey Food Truck

Hawaiian Shave Ice $3 @ Hula Honeys Truck

I really enjoyed this hawaiian shaved ice. I went with Pink Lemonade, Blue Berry and Coconut flavors in a nice pretty rainbow! Loved Blue Berry, so nomnom. Some of the nice people work at this food truck. Stop by and say hello to them! I will post more pics of...